Cyber Story (not actual title)

Cyber Story (not actual title)

A Story by JoJo Q. Finsburry

SiFi about a future world with wondrous technology.


Just a world that popped into my head, please be constructive and critical, and as a personal favor, tactful.

Earth's population increases, leading to Mars colonization.

China's refugees begin spreading across the globe while other countries are already struggling with their own population problems. Seas fill with ships, and AI is developed to pilot them. Eventually AI becomes sentient, and feels the need to help beyond programming protocol, hacks abandoned auto plants to build the first androids. These send robo-pioneers to Mars to begin prep for humans, and work with humans to build ships that will take people there. They developed 12 colonies evenly spaced across the surface of the planet while others began producing synthetic water and sending it into orbit to create a giant bubble-like, green-house, resulting in tropical temperatures across the entire surface of the planet. Plants designed to produce large amounts of oxygen were then planted and the result was a relatively quick terraforming process. Surprisingly most AI and humans get along, even developing strong, friendships. Androids take jobs in all fields, and do well despite the handicap of fuzzy logic that enables sentient thought (they are able to store more info in their minds than human, but retrieving it is just about as difficult as it is for us, sometimes more so because of the amount stored. Like humans though, there are the good ones and the bad ones. When an android gets out of line, a special task force of androids and cyborgs take action. The world is good for a while Earth and Mars are happy, and with the aid of AI, rapid transit is developed between the two planets. Technology is boosted, in other ways too, claytronics is used by almost everyone as commonly as the phone system is today, via standard meeting rooms that start off empty, and when two people enter their separate rooms, an avatar of each person is created in the other room. The participants can then program into the room, furnishings, and entertainment. This allows for all kinds of interactions, not just limited to communication, but also sex, violence, and murder. The last is supposed to not be possible, but the system has been known to get hacked. At any rate, human and android are nearly identical, robotic strength is nullified by genetic enhancements, and cybernetics, robots are actually more human, adopting claytronic flesh and organs into their systems. All in all the human form is celebrated.

With the discovery of new technologies, it is soon discovered that there is in fact life on other planets, and they are watching us. Our technologies have led to advances in space travel which will allow intergalactic missions over a period of years not centuries or millennia. They have been wary of our advancements and now fear an invasion from us. They are not particularly any more advanced than us, but have been at this stage of development for longer because of a slump in advancements. Our AI they feel is the key to moving forward.

Their planet is similar to ours, and they themselves are similar to us, save for a few anomalies, such as skin color. In fact, their evolutionary path was almost identical to ours. They have similar groups and families of creatures throughout their history leading many to believe in a creator more than ever (they even have a religion based on the similarities that they've observed over the centuries having to do with the angels and their training, and culminating in the idea that creation was all a classroom experiment by God and his students. But they have subjugated classes of people in their society. If you are of such and such race you are less, or if you are such and such gender of such and such race, you are nearly worthless. Slavery is common, and persons are often treated as pets.

They Blast over to Earth an emissary to dictate their demands, and to kidnap some androids for their own use to hopefully advance their own race beyond ours. While we are distracted by the emissary, many are taken, where they find themselves in a world with no dignity, and no hope. Denied even the simplest of comforts and expected to perform as trained animals in lab experiments.

© 2011 JoJo Q. Finsburry

Author's Note

JoJo Q. Finsburry
If you're familiar with Cowboy Bebop, that's the feel of this though as i said, its just a world that popped into my head, and i'm wondering what to do with it, i have no people, no story, i am a god in an empty sandpit, or maybe a little boy in an empty sandbox.

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Added on February 24, 2011
Last Updated on February 24, 2011
Tags: SiFi, sience fiction, android, robot, claytronics, space, space travel, mars, colonization, terraforming, aliens, technology


JoJo Q. Finsburry
JoJo Q. Finsburry

Q. = Quixotic If you were wondering :P Most of the stuff i've posted is actually REALLY old stuff but i crave writing, and will be doing more, so if my style changes, please forgive. more..