Kinetic World: Chapter 4

Kinetic World: Chapter 4

A Chapter by Prototato
" get the idea.

I suppose I should explain what I mean by ‘Powers’. I’m not claiming to have ESP or be some other kind of mystic, nor am I claiming to have some sort of sixth sense. No, I mean I have powers. As in, explosive powers.
‘Explosive’ is more accurate than you’d think.
I have powers that let me trigger explosions, even generate them out of thin air. It seems like a miracle, and it is. It is a miraculous double-edged sword. I’ve already hurt too many people with these powers. I feel like Bruce Banner and the Hulk, like Jekyll and Hide. I have something to define me, something to make me unique to others, and yet if I were to show it, I would be experimented on. I would be chased after to find out my abilities. I don’t want anyone else to be cursed with this. I don’t want this used for war. I don’t want it to hurt anyone else.
However, I was not always in this mindset.
The first time I discovered that I had these powers, it was an accident. I was extremely stressed out the previous night due to homework, and in the morning, I had been making myself a mug of coffee. My mind was still roiling when I was scared half to death by one of my cats bullet under my legs. I felt something in me click, something snap or lock. The mug in my hands suddenly exploded into a fine powder, the coffee evaporating, and there was a bright flash and a bang. Thank god my sister was in the bathroom and my dad was already on his way to work when that happened, else… I don’t even like to think about what might have happened. I passed it off as the mug exploding in the microwave, and told my sistet that I brought it out to the outside garbage can, so as to not rip the garbage bag in the kitchen.
That was three years ago.
Since then, I have kept track of the incidents in a journal. Allow me to read the four major ones.

July 1, 20XX
Today, I was sent to the Principal’s Office. My ‘powers’ triggered when I got in a fight today. The other person walked up behind me and smacked me in the back of the head. I whipped around, and the kid was blasted (literally) against a wall. It looked like I punched him that way, and it created cracks in the wall that he hit. The sparse people around us looked over and swarned the kid. I just stood frozen. I only stood straight again when I heard and adult yell. Don’t ask me what they said, because I wouldn’t have any idea. Need to find a way to control these powers.

January 23, 20XX
Another power-related mishap. This time, the outcome was far from good. I was approached by a strange man on the street, and I suspected he may be following me. My mind raced, and felt myself ready an explosive blast. There was nobody around, since we were walking through a fairly rural area, so nobody really was there to see anything. I saw a small blast in front of me, and I turned around extremely quickly. The blast I summoned created a hole in his side. Blood spilled, and I ran. When I turned around, there was nothing behind me at all. I blinked and inspected the scene.
No dead body, no man. No blood, no sign that anything was disturbed. I blinked again and sighed with relief. I had an anxiety attack half a second later. Am I losing my mind, or is something else going on?

September 12, 20XX
Today, I saw something that I don’t think I should have. It was a monstrous abomination, bearing a mouth quite literally from ear to ear, body blood red and eyes simple black beads on its broad face. It had slits in it’s face for a nose, and it’s spine jutted out from it’s body as though wanting to escape the ugliness. It’s arms impossibly long and muscular with five talon-like fingers at the ends, and it’s legs half as long and still just as muscular, it bolted by in the woods I was walking through. Dirt flew from under it’s feet as the very earth it tread on rumbled as though telling the thing to stop. I only caught a fleeting glance, but I am beginning to fear those woods. Hopefully, it doesn’t leave them. My powers of nervousness blasted a crater under my feet, and I did my best to cover it back up.

February 19, 20XX
Today, I was confronted by government officials in riot gear on the walk home. They only asked me questions, but they were questions that I knew were related to my powers. “Have you felt odd lately?” “Anything different going on with you than normal?” “Any odd phenomena that you’ve seen lately?” They assumed that I would tell them. I thought about it, and I could have made their gear explode on their persons. I decided against it and responded with a solid “No” to every question. Once they turned and left, I walked home again. I sensed someone following me, and when I whipped around, I caught a glance of what appeared to be a gun of some kind and a black vest. My nervousness made a small explosion around my feet, and I turned tail and ran. I hope that soldier didn’t see anything.

I still feel that those soldiers are following me. I need to be far more careful.
They may try to turn me into some sort of bio-weapon. I refuse to be used for any violent means. I just wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I killed other people. I felt immensely terrible about the incidents where I injured other people, and still haven’t found it in myself to forgive myself.
Now that you know about my powers, the next chapter will make a lot more sense.

© 2017 Prototato

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