A Poem by raven glassbone

Visions Eternally In Love was written for a friend of mine whom i loved dearly and died of cancer. i wanted her memory (as much as i could remember of her, emotionally) to last far beyond i am through.


from the darkness of my closed eyes, i use my heart to guide me from the abyss.

the walls are full of thornes, making my climb to comfort only more painful than falling forever.

as punishment for emptiness, i fall from the light.

only to find that the fall is sickening and that i must fight yet again.

so i climb, hands bleeding from my persistance.

so i close my eyes, in hope to find what is not there, an answer

in fear that the light before me is not a falling train, i progress.

with the tiresome climb, i grow weiry from the pain, lack of sleep, and loss of blood.

once again.........i fall

suddenly my descent comes to an end
for i have found myself at the bottom
yet, it does not seem so bad as the top
from which ive fallen.
instead, the bottom is composed of loving hands
that guide me to the top.
i open my eyes, only to realize that in order to
rise to the top i must sift in the bottom.

yet again, i am wrong.

for i never found the bottom of the abyss. instead i was found. and carried. my eyes were blind of the strong and infinant beauty of the hands that had discovered me, but my heart was wide open to the warmth of those hands and how they held me with care like a fragile mocking bird with a broken wing. i am once again reborn into the madness of the world which hath thrown me away, but i find myself aligned with love and honor. and with those two as guides to a new desteny, let the world through its twisted curves. i will catch them and throw them away and rebuild the lost empire that life.

thank you.

© 2008 raven glassbone

Author's Note

raven glassbone
The grammatical errors and spelling mistakes were left in so this piece could remain as raw as the emotions i had at the time i wrote this piece.

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okay, if you read any of my reviews, you will see that i am very honest, though not brutally so. that is how i want my work reviewed. "a pat on the back does me no good, unless i'm choking" i wrote to one writer.

"atta-boys, you're so wonderful" is for our mother to tell us with unconditional love and approval.

okay, that's out of the way. your piece was excellent. two things stood out to me 1) the word imagery, (how the bottom kept falling out, i sank deeper with you as i read). 2) the free form style you mentioned. it added to the tragic imbalance of your loss, emotional upheavel. i wrote a piece similiar and it was panned for "falling apart" at the end, which is what i was trying to convey. "falling apart at the end."

keep writing, the therapy that is the reason we are all here.

faith, hope and love, tristan

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on February 25, 2008