Getting off that Hamster Wheel of Life

Getting off that Hamster Wheel of Life

A Story by Lorna Lee

Inspired by the movie "Groundhogs Day" in the hopes of helping people realize that they are in control of their own environment and actions.


The Hamster Wheel of Life


A long long time ago... somehow, I found myself on this crazy ride that didn't seem to get me anywhere but I wasn't sure how to get off of it. At first it felt like it was taking me somewhere so I kept moving, hoping to get there. Well, here it is ... many many years later and I honestly do not feel that I have gotten very far. Sure, I have seen a few things along the way but I don't think I know exactly how to get off of the' just keeps going and going and I feel that I am missing so much along the way.


Let me elaborate.... I have been known to compare my life to the movie "Ground Hogs Day". For those of you that are not's a movie about a guy who is forced to keep reliving the same day over and over until he wakes up and learns the lessons that are set before him so he can move on. We all tend to live each day under a certain "pattern" or "routine" or "schedule" ... whichever you wish to catergorize it as. For most of us, we wake up to an alarm, shower.. have coffee... meditate... jog... whatever it might be. Then we go off to work, spend 8+hrs working for someone else and then come home and tend to our expected daily chores. Dinner, laundry...homework...pets... etc, etc, etc.....


When does it stop.. if even for a moment? Well, I am learning that it stops when we stop it. We have control of the hamster wheel...believe it or not. But unfortunately, society has conditioned us to feel that we need to act robotic, and perform in a certain manner in order to maintain our present economy and ensure that it continues to grow.


So what would happen if you stepped off that wheel? What would happen if YOUR wheel ceased to turn? Other wheels would surely continue to churn but then... for a little while, you could look around. You could stop, take a deep breath and just BE. When is the last time you stood still for a minute and just was? Well, I did it today and it felt wonderful. My wheel was still there..waiting for me to fuel it again but for a moment, the world was still and I could think. ? Funny thing is though, I could have done it anytime...but would I have appreciated it as much? Probably not. Life has a way of letting us know when we need to open our eyes and take a new look around. It's learning to recognize this that is the trick.


Take it from me... if you roll over each morning and tap that snooze button, dreading yet another "groundhogs day".. then it's time to step off your wheel. Sure, your wheel has brought you the distance but take the time to step off and experience the moment, you earned it and it will just pass if you don't stop to enjoy it.


"Life doesn't stop for us... but we can always stop to live." 
~Lorna Lee 2012

© 2012 Lorna Lee

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This piece I can relate to so, so well just as much as the other piece which I reviewed. When you mentioned Ground Hog Day - that was the expression which I used to use when working for a company which I recently left.

I made the choice to step off from that dreaded wheel and now chase the dream. In a bizarre way i feel as if you have written about me (I know you haven't but that's how it feels) I now control my own wheel and society wont condition me.

Again, I loved this piece because I could resonate with it so well and you have done an awesome job here.

Kudos to you.


Posted 4 Years Ago

Truth in prose; true to life. We never quite get things right it seems; yet it seems just within reach.

Well put...a very thoughtful piece..

Posted 9 Years Ago

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