Every Little Thing

Every Little Thing

A Poem by Mariah Mcintyre


11 November 2015

This is the best day ever and this moment is everything. Here and now.

I want to savor every day, every hour, every minute. I want to soak up all that each second has to offer and be grateful for the whole of it; the amazing and plentiful air that this planet provides, every nourishing meal that blesses my dinner table, every smile from a stranger and everything in between.

I want to cherish the moments that I laugh so hard my face hurts and the days where I get enough sleep, the nights where I don't, staying up late talking to my best friend or watching my favorite show with my boyfriend.

The times connecting with old friends and family, catching up and reminiscing on the things we've learned and how much we have and haven't grown.

I want to breathe and soak up every time tears are brought to my eyes or my whole face turns bright red, every emotion, every fear, every single feeling that stirs my soul has a purpose and I want to observe it. I want to understand all that I am and all this beautiful life gives me. The incredible opportunities that greet me with every shifting moment, every millisecond everything changes, all of life is moving and growing and giving.

I want to be present. I want to be here, now. And I just remembered why! Because right now, that is all there is. Right now is all that matters and if you feel like crud, just remember, that's how you know you're alive, that's how you know you're out there and you are not alone. You are sharing this precious moment with so many and because of you this extraordinary world exists as it does and it's one big beautiful mess, just like the rest of us here.

And despite the mess, despite the eternal changing of all around us and within in, without it, there would be no sunsets, no butterflies, no flowers, no sunrises, no rain, no rainbows, no new beginnings, no happy endings and no hope.

Today is the best day ever and this moment, this moment right here, is every little thing.

© 2015 Mariah Mcintyre

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Added on November 12, 2015
Last Updated on November 12, 2015


Mariah Mcintyre
Mariah Mcintyre

san diego, CA

I started writing here at the age of 16 and now years later, at 26, I'm back to rediscover my creative outlet. Thanks for reading and rating :) more..