A Story by lostlamp

Night time in the city.

A gravel covered Takoyaki ball steadily rolled down the murky street, still warm from its recent awakening from the greasy fry pan but gradually growing cold from the frosty night air.

Scuffling could be heard nearby. Suddenly, a sea of rats tumbled down from a crevasse in the brick wall of an old antique shop, racing to indulge in the delectable treat. Yellow light from a vehicle flooded the empty road, illuminating the beady black eyes of the rodents, stopping them in their tracks.

A truck blared past leaving nothing but an unrecognizable globule of blood and fur, and a red spotted Takoyaki ball on the sidewalk.

© 2011 lostlamp

Author's Note

Not perfect at all, just trying out my story.... skills.
There are probably lots of grammar problems in it :[
Heavy critiques appreciated heheh.

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Added on November 27, 2011
Last Updated on November 27, 2011
Tags: takoyaki, rats, truck, amateur fiction