Our Inevitable Death

Our Inevitable Death

A Poem by Chasity Reynolds

the screams are so loud
i'm so afraid
overwhelmingly confused

i hold onto you
grip tight
your arm resting tensely around me

"don't be afraid"
you whispered
i'll try

everyone is dying
the lights in your friend's eyes
goes dark

gun shots
what is trust?

can you fall in love?
in a place like this?
is it hopeless?

what are we really fighting?
our inevitable death?
"no, don't say that"

scarred hands
vacant eyes
hungry growling

please don't leave me
i'll go crazy
sanity is a necessity

i feel weak
but strong
only because your still here

how much longer can this last?
will we survive any longer?
"yes, i promise"

what about the others?
our friends and family?
"you can't worry about them anymore"

no more bullets
hardly any food
i'm afraid again

there are only a few of us left
can we all survive?

i don't believe you
but i won't say it out loud
most of us are breaking

no more screaming
no more roaming death
we made it

we made it

© 2013 Chasity Reynolds

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Added on January 17, 2013
Last Updated on January 17, 2013
Tags: zombies, poetry, death, end of the world, afraid, darkness, tears, trust, love, crazy, insanity, survivor


Chasity Reynolds
Chasity Reynolds

Pendleton, IN

My name is Chasity Reynolds. I am a 17 year old author and student. I love to write poetry and short stories. I'm working on a novel but that is for the big time(: haha. Hope you enjoy! more..