A Lustful Man's Trance

A Lustful Man's Trance

A Poem by Chasity Reynolds

Interpret this in any way you want- I believe there are many different possibilities.

The fire burns bright,
Searing my skin;
I hide my eyes from the warm light,
Hell will welcome me freely for this sin.

For wearing my heart openly on my sleeve,
Giving to any takers that even slightly want me;
For letting myself so easily believe,
That anyone could simply love me for me.

They take me for their needs, whatever they may be,
For their wants, for their pleasure;
And for the night, their lust feeds me,
And in the moment nothing else comes close to measure.

When the sun rises and the light pours in,
And my eyes open only to see a lonely space;
In my mouth goes an aspirin,
And a wish to forget about a one-time face.

As another light rolls around,
And I make my way down the street;
I turn a corner and hear a sound,
A sound that knocks me off of my feet.

There is so much red,
My mind goes dark;
A pain in my head,
Is this the Devil's mark?

But no, I think, as I open my eyes,
And all I see is a blinding white light;
Please, Father, I'm not ready to die,
Above me now, the face of a knight.

The man gently touches my hand,
My heart skips a beat, a second chance!;
No longer do I feel like a mere grain of sand,
No longer will I be diluted by a lustful man's trance.

All I've wanted the whole of my life,
The true face of love;
Not the sting of a knife,
And all I had to do was look above.

© 2013 Chasity Reynolds

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Added on January 24, 2013
Last Updated on January 24, 2013
Tags: fire, sin, hell, light, heart, want, believe, love, me, love me, need, pleasure, lust, night, feed, rises, sun, lonely, asprin, face, one time, wish, street, corner, sound, death, Devil


Chasity Reynolds
Chasity Reynolds

Pendleton, IN

My name is Chasity Reynolds. I am a 17 year old author and student. I love to write poetry and short stories. I'm working on a novel but that is for the big time(: haha. Hope you enjoy! more..