railway stations

railway stations

A Poem by lostnstars

Solitary station

With dusty verdant turtleneck blouse, i stepped

On an old wooden floor is a history we all kept

Crooked sounds and same smell of coffee beans

It was an odd home, keen men with their queens

I sat alone with a fixed plan on oneself’s time

8:27 in the morning, read a book of one’s crime

A good and planned Sunday, and so i thought.

The train has stopped and alone is all i caught

Green Amber Station

Wide eyed, i scanned the villages that passed by

A man with amber eyes passed and stopped at why

He sat in front of me and had a book, “Hazel Green.”

A crime book and one that named my eyes he’d seen

Exchanged hello’s, a big yellow, purple and blue letter

From her top waves down to the deep sea, he got her

She got him, from his smile to eyes to heart to home

Never got tired giving each other a present, a poem

Ecstatic Station

Pastel petals from him every confetti of happiness and loss

Same heartbeat and soul yet a far away home will cause

Cause nothing, two planned minds and two steady hearts

Tons of train rides to see each other are only the little parts

Yes to distance, yes to trust, i said “Yes!”, married and in love

Two tangled hearts in one home at last, we thanked him above

The very first beat of your heart is the very heart of our story

From your sweet voice to who you are now made us so lucky

Obscure Station

Giving pastel petals whenever there’s happiness and loss

I always stepped back, see his amber eyes and pause

With fierce amber eyes, he flew to save our bigger home

Months gone and he still fights when you read his poem

“See you later” and no “Goodbye” you thought it was true

That midnight- full of shots, morning after, he felt the bullet too

Straight to his heart, my planned mind went to flashbacks

The distance and between non-stop wars and blood acts


Giving pastel petals whenever there’s happiness and loss

I saw his amber eyes for the last time and i smiled and pause

But i’m coming back home again, all humming tears as time flies

I can’t wait to see you again Amber, you and your lovely eyes

© 2018 lostnstars

Author's Note

I tried a new style or pattern, i would highly appreciate if you tell me what you think, and what you think the story was about because i don't think the story is clearly written. thankyouuu x

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I liked this poem very well written.

Posted 7 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I enjoyed this poem. Each set of lines took the reader to different place and view. Thank you dear poet for sharing your amazing poetry.

Posted 2 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

i love the way you put words together, whether you are rhyming or using subtle alliteration. it sounds so pretty. altogether, this poem creates a pleasant image and i really enjoy the theme of travel. great work :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

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2 Years Ago

This means a lot, thank you so much! x

Posted 2 Years Ago

0 of 1 people found this review constructive.


2 Years Ago

thankyouuuu! i hope you understand and tried to espress-yo thoughts while reading the poem :)
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Added on July 23, 2017
Last Updated on June 19, 2018



writing is either my getaway or home more..


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