Impossibly inlove (chapter 1)

Impossibly inlove (chapter 1)

A Chapter by Kitty Jane

Oh I should probably introduce myself, my names Kat and there's someone trying to kill me.


I panted slightly from my crouched position in the darkened ally.

Hearing load footsteps stomp down on puddles in which were slowly forming on the pavement.

My midnight hair, clung to me in a tatty formation, as my eyeliner formed black streaks down my pale, though slightly flushed cheeks.

He can't of found me already, he's good but not that good, I'm one hell of a lot better.

I slowly peaked my head over the top of a stinking garbage pile, my breath coming out in rigid pants.

I saw his scowling face, red in anger as his eyes dart sharply round almost calculating everything.

As his soulless green eyes darkened, and narrowed slightly as he caught sight of my hair, a devilish smirk on his disgustingly cruel face.

"S**t" I whispered

I darted down, quietly digging myself under the close to splitting garbage bags.

I could almost feel him storming towards the ally in which I hid, steam coming out of his unusually large ears. i held my breath, brown eyes wide with slight fear before moving my hand down towards the gun (set to stun) strapped to my thigh as I heard a playful meow beside me.

I sent the kitten a pleading look In which she seemed to understand as it did indeed shut up...before it leaped up from the bags and onto the intimidating bold man. Scratching her pin like claws down the side of his face.

The man gave a shocked yelp before throwing the kit to the wall.

"Stupid. Rodent!" His gruff voice shouted, before he stormed away back from once he came.

Waiting a minute to see if he was truly gone, before I leaped into action throwing myself towards where the kit lay.

I checked she was still breathing before taking her into my arms, and climbing up the fire escape to the roof where I had a small shelter;

Under that I had a few blankets, a slightly worn umbrella, small first aid kit, matches a lighter a small bag of makeup with a fold away hair brush and mirror, also small amounts of food and clothes.

I folded one of the blankets placing it beside where I lay and carefully placed the curious kit down before laying down myself throwing the largest blanket over me resting my head against the floor, though it wasn't long before the kit crawled in, and curled by my stomach.

I smiled slightly, moving the folded blanket behind my head, absent mindlessly Stroking the kit before falling asleep

Oh I should probably introduce myself, my names Kat and there's someone trying to kill me.

© 2015 Kitty Jane

Author's Note

Kitty Jane
should i continue?

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Added on April 21, 2015
Last Updated on April 21, 2015
Tags: creepy man, wierd, scary, catch me, no!, run, hide, stop


Kitty Jane
Kitty Jane

United Kingdom

Hey!, Names Kat, I'm weird, rude, and incredibly bitchy, but i mean well... sometimes ;) I'm a young writer, looking to share my writing!, thanks ;) x more..