The Swamp: A Nice Town

The Swamp: A Nice Town


A place, far away, my childhood..

The swamp. A nice town. The marshes. The stagnant. Swamp. In a nice town. Beset by marshes. Stagnant. The smell of it bubbling in the humidity. Hot, wet, summer. Beaches. There too, are beaches. Comingling, stagnant, low tide especially: smells overwhemingly rotten. And there are hideous creatures that are born and bred, also overwhelmingly rotten. But, but. But, add mutated to the hideousness and rotteness. I have seen them. Well, one or two at the very least. Snapping turtles with three eyes and rat's tails. I watched one partially devour my neighbor's orange and white calico cat. I forget the cat's name. That is not the point. The point is the ugliness and  brutality of these snapping turtles with three eyes and rat's tails: they made me very angry. Of course, this anger stemmed from a deep depression which had its bearings on me already at age of four. I am now eight multiplied by four which is thirty-two plus two equals thirty-four (I am a self taught individual and have defended my greater intellect against the educational system which was/is also stagnant and reeked/reeks of the enablement of a festering condition commonly known by myself as arrested development of the brain). I wanted to smite this ugly, brutal, creature as it feasted on that poor calico cat, with a large boulder. But, what good would that do? The cat was already half dead. These creatures bred like termites in a timber house. My cats. All of them suffered the same fate. To the swamps they were compelled to go. And they never came back. They never will. The good thing is that I have developed a deep spiritual connection with Rabbits. Bunny rabbits. Actually, I have always had this connection with bunny rabbits since I first saw "Watership Down" on television at the age of three. It is based on a book written by Richard Adams. I believe one of the first complete sentences I uttered was this: "The fields are covered with blood." Anyhow, my bunny rabbits enjoy their God given gift of freedom-they should. I do not keep them locked in a cage. Outdoors they have harness and leash. One has her own seat next to me when I read outdoors in summer under a large umbrella. The point is this: under my care, they will never be devoured nor disappear. The swamps and its mutants have receded into my past and I will no longer suffer the trauma of disappearances and deaths of my loved ones. Loved ones gone astray. To swamps and mutants. Its curse is at bay. My rabbits don't have the curiosity killed the cat syndrome. They're too smart for that. Anyhow....


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This was a very professional and engrossing write. I thought it was incredible. Thankyou.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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My writing, you see, is not even close to my ideal of its perfection. All of what I have been writing, and will write, are works in progress, contain grammatical errors (which I can easily fix when I .. more..