The Twin Sisters

The Twin Sisters

A Story by Riya_love is language of life

This is a very kiddish and idiotic story by me..i wrote it two years back again for my school magazine..but anyway i want to share this too..


Once upon a time there were twin sisters, Emily and Sasha. They were from a rich family. When they were still babies, their mother died. Their father, then, married an evil woman. She hated Emily and Sasha. She took away all the things they had and only left torn clothes for them to wear. Their evil step-mother took away their luxourious rooms and they were forced to live in the old dirty barn. The woman treated them as servants. Emily and Sasha's father loved them very much but most of the time he was away for his business. So, he didn't know that his wife treated them so badly. One day it happened that Emily and Sasha's father was not at home and their evil step-mom treated them so badly that they went to the barn and cried, cried and cried. Seeing that the two sisters were crying, the Fairy God Mother appeared. She asked them why they were crying and told them to But they could not because their step-mom used to lock them up, so, that they could not runaway. When they said this to their Fairy God Mother, she uttered some magic words and the lock opened. They at once went out, after thanking their Fairy God Mother. So, the two sisters ran and jumped and played. They forgot to return home as they were so happy to be out. Meanwhile, on that particular day their their father returned. After talking and hugging his wife for a while, she sent for her two beloved daughters. But, they were nowhere to be found. Unknown to Emily's and Sasha's evil step-mom, all the servants of the house saw how the evil woman treated the sisters. The servant told their master, how his wife treated them and for that reason they were missing. He quarrelled and thrashed his wife continuously. In the meantime, Emily and Sasha were enjoying themselves. Once again, their Fairy God Mother appeared and told them to run home. When they reached home, they saw how their father was treating their step-mother. They felt guilty and Emily told his father what had happened. They both apologized to their step-mom and she also apologized to them. From that day onwards their step-mother loved them very much and lived happily ever after.....

© 2008 Riya_love is language of life

Author's Note

Riya_love is language of life
i know this is very childish..but still please review on it...

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It's cute

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on July 4, 2008


Riya_love is language of life
Riya_love is language of life

Kolkata, India

I'm a girl of 14...and i love writing a lot...things come into my mind any time..maybe when i'm studying..chatting or even when i'm taking a shower...other than that i love singing and painting too..... more..