My Every Thought

My Every Thought

A Poem by lrigD

Experimental poem (experimental for me, anyway) about a man and a woman... I'm sure you can connect the dots ;-)

In the dead of night, he is there.
Visiting my dreams or nightmares
Featuring in every waking thought I have
He is there.
He'll smile at me, he'll hug me, and then
It's like everything goes away.
And it's just me and him.
Holding each other, holding hands
Wanting to never let go
Or I see him on the floor
Bleeding as the bullets hit him
And I am there, I see it all
But I can't do a thing
He's dying and I can't help.
And I wake up drowned in sweat
And I call him just to make sure
He's still there.
And I want to hold him
And never let him go
Just like in my good nights
And feel so happy, feel so free
No worries on my mind
No matter how often I remind myself
That it can never be
My mind doesn't listen
Dreams up strange images of him and me
In intimate positions, in the throes of passion
Keeps me on my toes whenever he's around
And I want it to stop "
I want to do
But I can't.

© 2010 lrigD

Author's Note

'Prose poem' sounds like a good way to describe this... so what is your opinion of this piece?

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Added on March 29, 2010
Last Updated on March 29, 2010
Tags: love, hate, man, woman, in love, crush, dream, scared, frightened




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