Wondering, Dreaming

Wondering, Dreaming

A Story by lrigD

As a child, she used to gaze at the sky.

As a child, she used to gaze at the ever-changing clouds in the sky. She watched birds fly overhead and she wondered where they were going. She imagined lands of gold and silver, lands where nobody was poor or unhappy. She saw people laughing and talking, people shaking each other's hands and smiling at each other.

She wondered where she would live. She wanted to have a place amidst those happy people. But she wondered if there was a place for her there - if it existed at all.

Nonetheless, as a child, such a place was as real to her as her parents were. Everyone would welcome her, share their tea and bread with her and smile and laugh at her.

She remembers now.

Watching a blue sky dotted with white, she catches herself wondering again, dreaming.
She thinks she must find a place eventually, as everybody does. Everyone has their place.

Except, maybe, her.

A dozen places, more than dozens of people, and here she is, still thinking.



© 2011 lrigD

Author's Note

Recently found this, wrote it last July. As always, comments are appreciated!

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Added on February 2, 2011
Last Updated on December 8, 2011
Tags: dreaming, wondering, life, live, woman, future, end, girl, lady, dream, hope, travel, journey, clouds, sky




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