Untitled Prose Poem on the Thoughts of Today

Untitled Prose Poem on the Thoughts of Today

A Poem by Lionel Braud

Untitled Prose poem on the Thoughts of Today
There is an unperturbed, persistent sleep filmed over our minds, Hard to recognize the truth from the false with all the smudge obstructing the view. some faceless, invisible enemy remains innocous on the television, in the newspapers and right outside our front window. Chamileon reptilian politicians, jaunty salesmen with skeletal smiles, animatronic paper mache' employees mass produced on the supply line.

Fiction has it that the mass horde of zombies is no symbol at all for racism or consumerism. The metaphor would only underestimate our hunger.

Somewhere on the pinnacle of our brains posits the possibility of all of this being just a dream, a dream that so conveniently conforms to our contrived mythology and repressed sexuality.

somewhere a poet articulates lazy words. He's been too heckled to discriminate the lofty from the commonplace. but there is no place too common. its all been pre-recorded, juiced up to correspond to tomorrow's matching outfit.

I believe the weatherman says today's Thought is surfing on an unsynchronized wave, plateauing into mediocrity then staircasing into grandiosity. But with all the warm and cold fronts coming our way. anything is possible.

© 2009 Lionel Braud

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This is really quite brilliant and I think you need to add to this. Perhaps consider making it a set of entries so that you could put it all into a book someday. Your ability to describe time and place and our place in it is so good I can't think of anything to say but wow!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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This is like a harsh slap in the face, but sadly it is so needed. There's just so much wrong, and this scrapes at it all in a relentless way. I really like this because it shows a broad philosophical approach to poetry, and I think so much of what we read today only approaches literature from the personal without extending it, or broadening the meaning. It's all about the "I" rather than the collective we. My poems are guilty of being from the "me" perspective, so I'm thumping myself, too.

In short, it's refreshing to read something that is looking at society as a whole. While there's a place for the more personal poetry, certainly, it just seems that's there's far too much of it, and after a while, you sense a sort of selfish whining that we don't hear here. Ugggh... I've done a frighteningly poor job of explaining myself here. But...you did a great job here. We really get this sense of the robotic, pre-programmed world we're all moving through as if on a coveyor belt rather than walking on our own.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Lionel Braud
Lionel Braud

Smyrna, GA

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