That Night

That Night

A Poem by marah

I was deceived to think a man could bring me peace, love, and light. Entirely foolish on my part, Jesus Christ is only true way to peace and light in life. Seek him, return to the Most High.


That night

 We shared  raw emotions, revealing the unforeseen scars that covered our hearts

 we spoke of all the blemishes that enclosed around our spirits

such spiritual bruises that were a direct result from the laws of Christ, we had broken

 and that night, I experienced something so pure, something so true

I felt for the first time

 the rapid fluttering of my own heart

A sensation unlike anything I have ever endured before

It was both warm and comforting, like an everlasting hug that coated my heart's surface

 Each time you spoke, I swear you released a million butterflies that soured through the depths of my chest, in sync with the rhythmic beats of my joyful soul

And  that very night, you were the one to bring to light to the butterflies of my life

 Such precious and sacred butterflies that had never seen light before

In bondage, caged away, I oppressed my own spiritual butterflies, placing them in the bleakness of all darkness

Stored  away from all of humanity

Out of fear


And unfaithfulness in mans humility

I once thought, if any man ever came in close proximity to them, and were careful enough to liberate them from their arrest, that man would soon depart

He would leave for a few reasons 

Because he would be incapable of knowing...

  1. How to keep my butterflies lively

  2. Which ways to direct my butterflies to perfect peace

  3. How often to show my butterflies that His voice will bring meaning to their existence

 But I knew, deep down, that no worldly man could ever understand the true meaning of my butterflies or bring purpose to their flutters

 Or that he could  unconditionally love them with tenderness and be both gentle and kind

 but that night, when you sang to them, I broke the chains of all my former beliefs and strongholds

I thought, he is different

He is special

Because you sang a song, a lullaby, that made insides be full of so much grace

you made me and my butterflies think,  you are the reason we’d both finally saw true light

 and even if my butterflies fell the deepest pit of my stomach

 you made me and my butterflies think, you are the reason they'd always catch flight

Untouched and unscarred

 you sang words so beautiful that made me and butterflies think,  you are the reason my butterflies would always steer towards the right

 the righteous plan of my life,  guided by you and your voice, that spoke life

 the same soothing voice that brought light into my soul that very night

 The same night we shared a bond so deep and so tight

 by the strength of our faithful beliefs in our Lord, Christ

I knew just then, you were something that “felt right”

All because of these words, when you said

“God spoke to me, one night”

God told me to live right

Love right

Seek light

So my trust for you, felt like a bond founded by Christ

And then

I felt your soul become intertwined with mine

As our hearts became interlocked 

And in the moment

It felt quite light

My body felt like it was carried by love and my butterflies lifted me

In higher depths of the atmosphere I had yet to explore

And then you and I

Two beings

Became one

One soul, one heart, in just the simplicity of one night

And it was because, I thought...

we were bounded by our divine love for our savior, by Christ

Our true love for Him and for life

gave you and me

One light 

 raw and natural

True light

What we have is a soul tie

Or what we had was such a thing 

because the next morning, I didn't feel right

 I woke up and suddenly my heart no longer felt light

My chest was weighed by the anchors of my butterflies that were no longer upright

My butterflies were decenceded

And  in my stomach and chest, my butterflies no longer flew right

And then it hit me 

I put trust in a man when Christ Tells me

That's Not right 

And the Lord spoke to me, and said “He who trust his own heart is a fool” 

 And then I asked my Lord

 Where is my butterflies light?

Where is the voice of the man, who made me feel alright

 and then it just dawned on me

my sacred untouched butterflies were pawned from me

 at the cost of my heart flutters and flies

 I got just one night

 one night with my perceived thought of “True Light”

And then

 God said to me

 he said, with all authority, he would forever and eternally bring me light

True light

 He said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

And I was foolish to think

 a man could be My One True Light

 in the form of Flesh I thought he could be the reason why my butterflies kept flight

 but no man could be the true light of my life

 when God has told me himself, he is the reason my life would only and ever feel light

He is he only reason that

 in my chest and stomach, my sacred butterflies 

Would always fly right

 directly into the light 

His light

In His peace

In His plan

In His understanding

I bring true purpose to the flutters of my butterflies

In His word and His Will

I bring meaning to my life

With light provided not by man

But by Christ

© 2020 marah

Author's Note

If you review any of my previous work, you will see a dramatic shift in my writing. In my prior work, it consisted of a ton of dark and bleak piece of writing. As I was suffering with depression, anxiety, anorexia, and PTSD for many years of my life, I was honestly tired. I then found my anecdote to all of my pain, healing, redemption, gentleness, love, comfort, wisdom, faith, hope, grace, and ultimately my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He saved me from the darkest valley of my life! He restored my soul! He lifted me up from the pit of my life. I now work and write to serve the Lord.

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Added on October 7, 2020
Last Updated on October 7, 2020
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