A Story by marah

SAVED BY GRACE! I PRAISE THE LORD! If you feel alone, tired, anxious, worried. Call on the name Jesus, submit your life to him, and you will be saved too.


I was so low and weary

 But, when I looked in all directions

 Lord forgave me, back then I didn't know where to go

 Even when I turned right, it felt like I went left

Right back to the same ol’ mistakes

Running in circles 

The monotonous cycle of destruction took over

And even when I took a step forward, I felt myself falling ten steps back again

 Stuck amid a storm,  I didn't know where to look but down

As my shoulders were hung low

 weighed down by life's pressure

I couldn't keep my head upright

Just looked upon my problems

And not upon the hills, as I do now

At that time

I didn't know who to reach for

What to hold on to

I was of little faith

I was of little hope

Just foolish

Leaning on thine own understanding instead of yours

I was so tired and so lost

Walking through the darkest valley I had ever seen, surrounded by evil doers 

I didn't know where to go

Who to trust

Who to seek

 When I turned left, I saw sickness

When I turned right, I saw sadness

 But what scared me most was when I turned back

 I saw the shackles of the enemy keeping me in bondage to my past

Captive and stagnant in my season of long-suffering

 And at that point

 You convicted me and told me to go forward

Go through the dark valley

Not dwell in it

 But I did know how I could break the chains of the enemy

The enemies deceitful tactics kept me stuck

I couldn't seem to find the strength (alone) to free myself from the dark place

Where such darkness engulfed me

Affliction, trouble, adversities, pain, diseases, and the strong evil principalities of the world 

But I then realized

I couldn't do it alone

I couldn't fight my personal goliath without the strength of the Lord

Just a foolish human

I didn't stand a chance

But with the Lord on my side

I came to realize

Who can be against me?

 And it was right then

When I heard this soft-spoken voice in my ear, which said, "Be still, for I am God."

 A gentle voice with words sweeter than a honeycomb spoke to me

With such grace and love, I couldn't help but listen, and obey 

That night, I heard the Lord tell me to grab ahold of his right hand

He instructed me to trust him, let go of the past, and submit my troubles to him

The Lord then lied me beside green pastures

The Lord calmed the storm before my eyes

 He seized the chaos of my life

 He lifted me on a high hill

He told me to be anxious for nothing, He told me that He did not give me a spirit of fear, and He said to me that, I (through him) am more than a conquer 

I am so grateful for that interaction

As it shifted me from the path of destruction 

To the path of eternal life

From hate

To love

From evil

To righteous

From lost

To awakened 

I now know that

 when life seems too hard for me and my burdens become too heavy, I can cast all my cares upon my Father because he cares for  me

he will not only give me rest

a easy yoke and light burden

But also give me a peace that surpasses all understanding, shalom

Give me joy that no one can steal


Give me abundant life


He always has an open ear to hear my cries

Open arms to lift me up

And authority to deliver me from the chains of the enemy

and he continues to place a lamp before my feet

guiding my steps away from the the dark place I was stuck in

 And even now, when my enemies try to come against me; he protects

As he is my shepherd

he guards me with the armor of God 

I am so thankful

I am so free

I am at peace 

dwelling in God's presence is my favorite habitation

I feel whole, peaceful, joyful and full of life

Knowing that I do not have to go through any more storms alone

When God is always within me

© 2020 marah

Author's Note

18+ years I lived in bondage to the enemies attacks. I now declare victory over ALL of my enemies and their attacks. I am so grateful and full of so much peace and love to know that the Lord heard my cries. He lifted me from my troubles, he brought me peace. I am so blessed to know a life with Christ as my Lord and savior.

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Added on October 7, 2020
Last Updated on October 8, 2020
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