A New Kind of Slave

A New Kind of Slave

A Poem by Czar Lyrus

Something that'll probably offend a few...


A brand new day

There’s a new kind of slave

Not toiling under the whip

Not suffering under the eyes of whites

But plastered under the hate

Of an iron cross


Having their love ignored

Their money taken

No children for them! they say

Maybe they’ll just go away?

Yeah, there’s a new kind of slave

But the new term we use is “gay”

© 2009 Czar Lyrus

Author's Note

Czar Lyrus
No hating please...

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This was rhythmically good, but I didn't get its meaning. Perhaps you like to explain to me? Gay always existed, but now people out themselves and are proud to be different or bi, whatever.... we simply have more freedom of choice to live what we like to live? You say "Having their love ignored" ------- it seems that they suffer a lot under instable relationships very often so or seems like more frequently that heteros, this line was correct in that sense (methinks); "Their money taken"-------who takes what? Like the financially stronger partner offers benefits to the weak one? Everything is a choice. "No children for them!" -----lesbian couples here in Germany quite ofen have anonymous insemination and they have a child, it is legal here, so you mean - the male couples would not have a child in the U.S.? I think a child needs love and a frame, a family form is the individual's business and when couples are living in long-term relationships why shouldn't they raise a child; I wouldn't find it right when the society forbids. This poem left me with questions.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Purposeful use of loaded words as part of political propaganda? -1! Come on, this is lacking in poetic grace and artistic merit, but then you don't even do a good job with the content matter. You seem to completely avoid the facts of reality and delve into insanity very quickly, just sad.

Posted 13 Years Ago

so you're saying that gays are slaves? this is a very interesting thought. I like the succinctness of how you ended it.

when you say 'iron cross', are you talking about a literal iron cross, like the nazis used, or is that another way of saying Christians?

while the poem was put together well, I think you could have tied the beginning in better, just because 'a brand new day' almost conjures up images of hope, and the rest of the poem really doesn't have that feeling.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on February 5, 2009


Czar Lyrus
Czar Lyrus


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