The Cave By The Sea

The Cave By The Sea

A Poem by Czar Lyrus

A nonsensical sonnet of six!



A man washed up in a cave by the sea
Coughing and choking, this odd man came to
Helpless and lonely, terrible felt he
Sadly, he had lost his ship in the blue
Walking into this cave, an imp met he
A little green imp eating little fruits
Surely he saw in that cave by the sea
A little green imp wearing leather boots
The little imp saw him, eating a nut
"We bid you fair welcome to our home
But be careful, you'll never believe what
Dark things can decide to come out and roam!"
So the man smiled and thanked him in kind
Walking deeper to see what he could find
Now he chanced upon a grand entryway
To a glorious chamber of jewels
And on these jewels, two bugs were at play
These little bugs were oddly dressed, like fools
Presently, they looked at the man and laughed
For them, he was such a strange sight to see
He was washing up like a lonely raft
So he came to them, "Greetings, ho!" said he
And so these little bugs came down to him
They gave him a big bucket of candy
It was filled very nicely to the brim
This time his empty belly was handy
And the man smiled and thanked them in kind
Walking deeper to see what he could find
To his surprise, he had now found a lake
With a great, bearded frog on a big stone
It was dressed as a king, enjoying steak
He sat lazily on his throne
The frog saw him and got up from his seat
Smiling and laughing, booming with joy
"Welcome to my kingdom, safe from the heat
How would you like some mushroom steak, my boy?"
The man was still hungry after his sweets
And this steak looked very tasty to him
He ate it and considered it a treat
Thanks to the frog, he would stay fit and slim
And the man smiled and thanked him in kind
Walking deeper to see what he could find
A hall of mirrors the cave turned into
Dazzling and shining ever so bright
Where he was he certainly had no clue
Lost he was, beginning to feel some fright
Soon, the cave opened up on a big hill
The man realized he was outside again!
He looked upon the hill to see a mill
On top of the mill was an old man
And the man kept looking upward to see
That there weren't really any stars above
The rocky ceiling was very stony
The man at the mill was releasing doves
So the young man approached the old man
Who was really a fish- a karp with tan!
But the man had already seen strange things
So he approached this odd, old fish man
Climbing up along ladder of gold rings
Up the rings he climbed as fast as he can
At the top, the karp said, “Hello to you!
We saw that you lost your ship in the sea!
Inside this mill we keep many a tool
And so, we can build a new ship for thee!
At hearing this, the man was overjoyed!
He could now escape this weird, bizarre cave
Several thoughts now filled up his mind’s void
To the fish man many ideas he gave
He watched as the fish began to build his boat
His new submarine tool form in the moat
The man climbed aboard this divine vessel
Seeming to be constructed by the gods
So he ran to the helm in a bustle
The man had triumphed against all odds
Thankfully, he looked down to the karp-man
Bidding him a warm and thankful farewell
He waved: the fish pushed the boat off the sand
The boat gracefully rode the rising swell
Far out to sea he went and dived deep down
To explore many beautiful wonders
He left and never again made a sound
But the fish new it wasn’t a blunder
None in the cave ever knew his name, though
It was said they called him Captain Nemo.

© 2009 Czar Lyrus

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Added on October 28, 2009


Czar Lyrus
Czar Lyrus


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