To Slow Down Would Be A Gift

To Slow Down Would Be A Gift

A Poem by lyss

They move slowly

oh so slowly...

I admire them for their determination.

I wish my life could be as slow as them

Maybe then I could find the peace.

The peace that they have in not knowing their fate.


Have you ever observed the slowest of the slow,

The creatures that move as though they are old.

I wish it was possible to slow down....

The slowness of the peace would save my mind,

I'd never think of


at least the life I didn't want to live.

I'd live in the slowness, the slowness of innocence.


Have you ever watched a turtle, a turtle or even a snail

They move with a purpose

The purpose of life.

They don't care if you're there

or even if they die.

They simply exist

In a world full of life

Life and Death.


There's a certain peace in slowness

That I envy even now...

So I watch them

And imagine

That my life was Slow.

 A blur of a movie going fast but at the same time going nowhere

Just moving slowly... Without end.

© 2013 lyss

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i enjoyed the originality of this piece. The message of course as well.
nicely written!

Posted 10 Years Ago

I enjoyed the poem. I like the reasons and the logic for the poem. Good to slow down and enjoy life and the beauty of nature. I like the description and good example for the need to slow down. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 10 Years Ago

A good reminder to slow down and "smell the roses" as they say. I have watched snails, actually, and it is quite interesting. When i was younger I would cry whenever anyone would step on one. Well done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

the metabolism of a tortoise or a slug is oddly inverse in relativity. a slug lives a very short existence, usually to end up as a meal for a bird or lizard...because they moves so slowly. on the other hand, a tortoise lives a very long life (up to 120 years) because of its metabolic rate and its diet. as for humans...our lives are relatively long but it is all relative to how we comprehend things and understand time. i love the easy justice of your words and the innocence you display...understanding that time and space are relative and inner peace is tantamount to sanity allows us to slow down internally, regardless of our ages. well penned.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on May 12, 2013
Last Updated on May 12, 2013
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