A Poem by Matt Burns

A poem inspired by a night at a strip club.


It’s my fourth time being at this club

But I’ve never experienced anything like this

It’s probably about midnight

I have a really good buzz going

And I mustered up the confidence

To sit down

Right by the main stage

Bottle of Budweiser in hand

I take out my one, crinkly dollar bill

And hold it in my hand

I wave it around a bit

I still don’t know what the proper procedure is

Maybe the dancer will come over to me

But, if not, that’s cool, too

I don’t really care for her too much

Her body is nice

But her face looks a little plastic

She must have gotten old


And had some surgery done

More men come down and sit around the main stage

I realize they’re all black

And I’m the only white dude

I know I’m out of place

But the booze makes me not care

More men

All black

And more men

All black

Sit and others surround the stage standing

I don’t even know where they came from

It was kind of dead a while ago

But all these black men came out of nowhere

Like they just pulled up in a caravan of nice cars

Rushed the place

And they look really clean and neat, very well-dressed

They have tons of money

They keep throwing down ones

Two songs in and the girl is fully naked

She does very good tricks on the stripper pole

There’s some sinister-sounding rap song blasting

Something about waking up in a new Bugatti

And then some other song about a Trophy Wife

A black man appears to my left

He steps forward

He takes out a stack of ones

He starts dealing them out on the stage like they’re cards

A waterfall of bills covers the stripper’s a*s in green

The other men sitting around the stage throw more ones her way

Then other men come up from behind me

They throw a huge stack of ones high into the air

And the bills rain onto the stage

Another man steps forward and throws his stack of twenty

Then there’s a man who runs by and throws the ones like a grenade

It’s raining bills all over the place

Dollar bill confetti

I’m so impressed

It’s truly beautiful

It’s not depressing

You would think it would be depressing, these men throwing bills at a naked chick

But it’s not

I find it to be beautiful art

The music blasting

Powerful bass pounding

And pounding



And then with the nice buzz

Sitting under the rain of money

It’s an experience like none other

It was like some gang just rolled in for about ten minutes

Maybe they were from Boston

Or possibly Brockton

And they bombed the stage with a bunch of dollar bills

And then got the hell out of there

Like that was their thing they liked to do

Go to the club

Stay for one performance

Dump stacks of ones

And then bounce

If this was a gang

I want to be part of this gang

It is so cool

So much style

So beautiful




If it’s drug money

I want to deal drugs

And be in a gang

And have a bunch of money

That I literally throw around

Like I have so much I don’t care

I want to be these beautiful, well-dressed black men

And create their beautiful visual art

I want to be part of their ritual

Throwing this money like they just don’t care

Tonight I don’t want to be white

I want to be black and in their gang

© 2014 Matt Burns

Author's Note

Matt Burns
Please read and tell me what you think!

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Really amazing read! The ending is fabulous. The poem captures you at hello. Brilliant writing. Drug money was the call......Kyam

Posted 5 Years Ago

This comment has been deleted by the poster.
Matt Burns

5 Years Ago

Thanks, Kyam! So glad you liked it and great to get the feedback!!

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Added on June 23, 2014
Last Updated on June 23, 2014
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Matt Burns
Matt Burns

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