A Poem by Katherine Rose Whitmore

An unedited freewrite on the virtues of language.

What happens when a word written becomes a word in voice?

 It flutters into existence with the tongue of its creator,

Its interpreter.

When a written word is written it lays quietly upon its page,

waiting for a pair of eyes to take it home,

into a welcoming and open brain.

When a word is written, it lies in wait,

stalking silently its next victim to convince

it is worth voicing aloud.

For a word written and then voiced is suddenly brought into existence,

suddenly birthed, beget from its page, its womb,

and that word becomes life.

It becomes the vibrations which make up the universe,

the galaxy, the planet and the tongue of the reader or reciter, or-

a single tender, naïve soul

who does not and cannot fathom the enormity of action which is

the spoken word.

A spoken word vibrates,

echoes out into the stars

and becomes stars itself.

Where was life first birthed?

With the tongue thrusting against the teeth of Adam,

of the human who first strove to communicate,

to create what once only existed in concept

and then was suddenly and violently created in a mouth.

Spoken into existence.

© 2010 Katherine Rose Whitmore

Author's Note

Katherine Rose Whitmore
Unedited freewrite.

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This was nice...

The birth of words
Waiting to be freed
From within our hearts
Hidden journal

The writer in all of us is born.

Great poem Katherine


Posted 11 Years Ago

*Bows to the poetry master*
I have much to learn and every time I read one of your pieces I get schooled a little.
Great work for freewrite.
You should become a rapper. lol

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Words are more important to writers than they are to most other folks. Each is to us a treasure or a secret revealed. I feel your respect for these words that are such a gift, a release. Forgive me ma'am but I do believe I'm becoming a fan.

Posted 11 Years Ago

for something unedited, i think this shows great soul :) i think you do a great job personifying words, using phrases like 'silently stalking its next victim' to show their power over us... but i also like how you portray words as these slightly otherworldly things 'vibrating', 'becoming stars themselves' -- i like how you give them an almost spiritual aspect when they are spoken aloud... (i totally agree with you btw, there is something so mysterious there)... words have many different sides to them, can be seen in many different ways, and i think this poem definitely gives the reader something to ponder... :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Loved the flow..

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Katherine Rose Whitmore
Katherine Rose Whitmore

Los Angeles, CA

Teen actress, writer, sculptor, and music connoisseur with aspirations of becoming a supervillian. more..


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