Chapter 1 ; Escalating romance.

Chapter 1 ; Escalating romance.

A Chapter by MaddyHi

Chapter 1 ;
"I love rain," I said as I stepped off the bus. I looked into the gray sky and just smiled. For some reason, it calmed me. I never knew why. I was walking down my alley when I saw my new neighbor pulling in his driveway. He is always loud with his late night parties and whenever there is a party, there is always some type of harsh smelling smoke that comes from that house. I walked a little faster than usual since I didn't want to be caught dead in his tracks. I rushed to my door, opened it, and went inside. I then locked the deadbolt. I scurried over to the window when I heard leaves crinkling in my yard. "Knock Knock" the door sounded. I go to open the door, but, just to make sure, I pull up a tiny bit of the curtain to see who is there. 

"Gabin?" I slowly opened the door to let him in. He has always been my childhood crush. I've liked him since the day I set my eyes on him. "Hey. Mind if we hangout I'm so bored," he said. Of course he'd be bored considering we have half days all this week since we get out of school Friday. "Yeah, what do you wanna do?" I asked. "I have no clue, take a walk?" He said. I nodded and we started out my door when I saw my neighbor working on his black, creepy car. "He creeps me out," I say as soon as we walk out the door. "Me too," Gabin answered back. Gabin is in 9th grade and I'm in 8th, so, next year I'll finally see him in the high-school. "Hey, Steph, you like parties?" Gabin asked. "Uh yeah, sure," I answered not knowing what else to say. "Great. There is going to be a party at my friend Austin's house, so. Maybe we could go together as a date?" He asked. Inside my head I was flipping out, but I finally got the breathe to say, "Yeah! Sure!" "Cool, this Friday night, I'll see you there."

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It's a good start with lots of room to grow. At first it seemed it would be the creepy neighbor at the door but it was a friend instead, nice.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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