Dangling by Threads

Dangling by Threads

A Chapter by MaddyHi

Dangling by Threads
Chapter 1

I was walking out to my mailbox and I saw there was a card for me. Who would want to talk to me. I opened it and it said 'Milly' on the on the front of the paper. I opened fully and it was a letter. It read, 'Dear Milly, I miss you. I do care for you and you know that. You just have to understand that I am on a low budget. Maybe you can visit me. I love you Milly. -Love Mom' Tears came down my eyes as I read the note again. I want my Mom. I want her to come and pick me up. 

I was adopted at the age of 3. I knew I was being sent away. I didn't like it. I was mad at my mom. I never wanted to talk to her again, but now that I realize how much I miss her, I need to talk to her. She is my everything. My dad is in the army. He has been missing for over 4 years now. I know this because it was shown on the news and it had my last name. Fessnim.

I dragged myself up the steps and began to write a letter back to Mom. 'Dear Mom, I miss you so much. I cried when I saw your letter. I can't wait till you can maybe visit. I love you too. -Love Milly.' Perfect. All I need is an envelope. I walked downstairs to see Edd, 'dad', sleeping on the couch again. He always is drunk and tired. I can't wait till I move out... I grab the envelope from a drawer and I put Mom's address and my signature. I wish I could just hug my mom. Tightly.

© 2012 MaddyHi

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