Dangling by Threads

Dangling by Threads

A Chapter by MaddyHi

Dangling By Threads
Chapter 5

The cops weren't here yet. I quick ran upstairs and went into my room. The trash. I looked into it and grabbed my blade. I lifted my sleeve and slid the blade through my pale skin. "Ugghh!!" I cried. Blood dripped from my wrist as I cried. I pushed through the pain, pulled my sleeve down, and went to Jill's room. I pulled her up and helped walk but her pain was too strong. "Knock, knock." The door sounded. I opened it an the paramedics rushed in. I pointed upstairs and the got her on a wheel chair. What I didn't know is that he kicked her several times. Her leg, is broke.

I cried my eyes out when I heard that her leg was broken, I called Sadie home and she hugged me so tight, she didn't want to let go. I told her that Jill was going to be okay and that she only had a broken leg. "Sadie, we are going to have to help.. mom.. even more now because she is unable to really move." I said while driving to the hospital. "That is right!" Grammy said. 

Grammy is actually my real Grammy. I called her to come up to the house for a visit, for me, but then, this happened. So now, she is driving us to the hospital. The roads are bad, but we can move along. 'I hope Jill is okay,' I think to myself. I have never cared this much about her... I really hope Edd gets arrested. I can't handle this much excitement. My cut still hurts.

© 2011 MaddyHi

Author's Note

Okay, I know in the other chapters it says that it is romance, it was supposed to be then I came up with a better concept.

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