Dangling by Threads

Dangling by Threads

A Chapter by MaddyHi

Dangling By Threads
Chapter 8

He walked down the basement stairs.. jingling a key in his hand. "You guys, are gonna get it !" He said creepily. He stepped near the table where we were hiding. We could see the toe of his shoe. "Mill - " Sadie whispered.. but before she could say anything else... Edd found us. 

We got out of under the table , and RAN up the stairs so quick, you could feel the cold air coming off us. We ran out the door.. well.. I did.
"SADIE !" I Screamed with fright. I saw Sadie's face, then the door closed, from Edd's powerful force of an arm closing the door. I ran to the door and I tried to open it, but I heard a "click." Locked. "SADIE !" I cried. I banged the door, as hard as I could. The shed. I quick ran to the shed and opened it. I look what was inside.. And got the ax. I dragged the ax with me to the door, and started pelting the door.

The door cracked. I was almost in. I hear Sadie's cries from outside, and they didn't sound good. "KRRP." The door fell down. I stepped inside, looking around to see if Sadie was in sight. "You're not gonna get her !" Edd said with a big smirk. As psycho as he was, he didn't scare me. Not one bit. I ran with the ax in hand, and punctured him in the foot. "GAHH !" He roared. I quick went upstairs and saw Sadie at the end of the hall, strapped to the wall. I used the ax to get her down. Edd was still whimpering. I picked Sadie up, and ran down the stairs. With Edd left behind, I knew we could get out safely.. That is.. if I survived the piece of wood sticking out from my shoulder.

© 2012 MaddyHi

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