Dangling by Threads

Dangling by Threads

A Chapter by MaddyHi

Dangling By Threads
Chapter 9

I could see the road. I ran with Sadie in my arms. My shoulder. It hurt so badly. I couldn't take the pain. I dropped to my knees, with Sadie lying in the wet grass of snow. "MILLY. Your shoulder !" Sadie said crying. "I'm okay. Can you run?" I asked. "Only if we get out of here." Sadie said. We started to run, I look around for any police stations, or hospitals. The fire station was right down the street. Sadie and I sprinted down to the station, breathing heavily with each step. Once we got there, the firefighters looked at us, and without stalling, they got us in the ambulance. 

They didn't say one word... They only tried to get the wood out of me. It hurt so bad, but I acted like I was powerful. Sadie was still tearing up as she was sitting in the back with me. I kept looking at her, and smiling to signal, she was okay. "We are going to Oden Valley Hospital, and once we get there, we will fix you girls up." One of the firefighters said. "That's where my Mommy is." Sadie said. We all looked at her with sorrow. 

When we got there, the rescuers put me on this stretcher.. It was hard, and I never thought I'd ever be on one. Sadie was right by me, but in a wheel chair since her she has several cuts on her leg. They strolled us in, and we looked around for Jill. They put us in the same room, and payed attention to getting the wood out. The used a lot of alcohol and they put a shot in me so I wouldn't get infected. A nurse came in for Sadie, and bandaged her up. I looked at Sadie and whispered, 
"I'm dangling by Threads."

© 2012 MaddyHi

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