Dangling By Threads

Dangling By Threads

A Chapter by MaddyHi

Dangling By Threads
Chapter 20

We all worried today, and days to come. I think Sadie was worried the most.. She was the smallest, and he could get her easily. I tried to put my mind aside from all the nonsense and think of what I was happy about; living. I took a walk on Monday afternoon. It was a bit chilly, at least we didn't get hit with the bigger blizzard that came just yesterday in Maine. Sadie wanted to come walk with me, but I left her with Jill. I wanted to be alone..

I brought 30 dollars for whatever I needed. Food of course.. As I was walking, I saw Eli. In my mind, I only saw him. It was like, pure heaven when you see his face. I forgot how old he is.. Maybe I didn't even ask him, but whatever. I thought of what to say, and I went up to him. "Hi" I smiled. "Hey Milly!" He said excitedly. "You wanna walk on the beach for a bit?" He asked. "Um, sure!" I smiled a bit nervously. 

We started on the beach. His hand was right by my hand. I didn't know what to do... Make a move... or just let it go.. With that face, he probably has a girlfriend already. "So, how has it been going?" He asked. "Pretty good.." I said. "Um, how old did ya say you were?" I asked nervously. "15. I am pretty tall for my -" He said. I stopped him, and said, "Awesome!" A tad rude, but I needed to get some information. I like him. I wanted to tell him everything that happened.. That I am adopted.. about Edd... and I wanted to show him some scars.

I wasn't ready.. I just kept going with the flow. "Wanna go get some food? It is almost lunch time." He said. "Um. Sure!" I said, then smiled. We walked to Holly's Pizza Place. As we were walking, we talked like normal people. He told me all about his pet cat. Her name is Ginger. I smiled away all that time.. Just then, the greatest thing happened. He smiled at me with his emo eyes.. and grabbed my hand. The perfect fit. He had small hands.. I looked down at the hands.. and saw his wrists.. Scars.

I think it's time to tell him what I have been doing to myself.
My addiction. 

© 2012 MaddyHi

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