Dangling By Threads

Dangling By Threads

A Chapter by MaddyHi

Dangling by Threads
Chapter 21

We sat down at Holly's Pizza Place after a few minutes of walking. A table for two.
We started chatting like any old friends would do, but out of nowhere.. he looked in my eyes and said,
"You cut. Don't you." 
I stared across  the room in shock. How did he know.. My wrists? Were they showing?
I looked down at my sleeved and notice.. I had a short sleeve on. My wrist was being shown the the world. "Should I explain.." I asked peacefully. He coughed. "If you want to. I am not forcing you." He said with his eyes like diamonds. "After we eat.. I guess." I said extremely awkwardly. 

We ordered some pizza, and gulped it as quick as you can say, "Holly's Pizza Place."  Eli payed, and we started off again on our walk. After about 3 minutes... I stopped him. "You cut." I said quickly. "Well then I guess you're not alone." He said. Silence filled our mouths, as we walked back to the hotel. When we got to the hotel, we walked up the flight of stairs to floor 7. Long way up, but a good walk. I opened the door. Nobody home. "Are you sure I'm allowed to come in?" Eli asked. "Of course." I said. We stepped inside, and turned on the TV. "Wow.. this place is nice." Eli said. "Yeah, it was a bit expensive.. but it pays the price." I said in amazement. 

"My story." I said. "Are you sure you wanna tell me?"
"Yes." I whispered.
I started off telling him about being adopted. "I am adopted.. adopted at 3. I knew it was gonna hit me.. My mom just, left me," I said, "and it hurt so bad.. knowing I would never see my dad or mom again. I was put with a family of 2. Then, my adopted parents had a baby. Sadie. My new parents names are Jill and Edd. Edd was the troubled one. He beat Jill. I have been cutting for a long time.. Now we are here. In Florida to escape from Edd." I breathed. "Well, isn't he in jail?" Eli asked with his emo voice. "He bailed." I said.

We stared. Eli was frightened, while I knew everything about my future. Edd was going to get me.. He was eventually going to kill me. And my family..

© 2012 MaddyHi

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