Dangling By Threads

Dangling By Threads

A Chapter by MaddyHi

Dangling By Threads
Chapter 29

After the great news filled my ears, I rushed home with Eli.
I told him, we would celebrate. I got out streamers, and I blew up a couple
of balloons. "What is this!" Eli giggled. I looked at him, and said,
"I am introducing you to my.. my Mom." He got up, and gave me
a huge hug. "Jill, and Sadie are coming home in about 10 minutes from
getting groceries. Do you think you could help me make something?" I asked.
"Like what?" He answered. "Like, a sandwich for both of them." I proudly
said as if I was capable of making one. I got out the bread, while Eli got out
the cheese and ham. We worked together, and had fun making them. 
We were so peaceful together.

I heard keys click in the lock. I ran to the door, holding 
Eli's hand, and opened it. "Surprise!" We both hollered into
Jill's face. She gasped, and laughed. We all did. "Is this,
Eli?" Jill asked. "Why yes, yes it is." I answered in a jolly voice.
"It is a pleasure to meet you!" Jill said cheerfully. "And same to you."
Eli had that warm smile again. That one that made me 
smile, too. "Lets eat." I whispered, and grinned at Eli. "Oh, what
did you fine couple make for us?" Jill asked. "Ham and cheese 
sandwich's. I heard it is Sadie's favorite." Eli said. Gah, I couldn't
help but giggle around him. He was all that I needed in my life.
We ate, and Eli and I talked about how we met and everything. I could tell
Jill liked him, a lot. "Well, it seems you are happy together." Jill
smiled. "Milly said you're better than prince charming." Sadie mumbled.
"Is that so?" Eli asked. "Yes, it is true." Sadie smiled. "Well, Milly
is a princess to me." Eli said with his dark voice. Jill couldn't stand it.
She was smiling, and she loved him already.

After lunch, we all walked down to the beach. We splashed in the
waves, played in the sand. Sadie made a castle, or two. I made
something for Eli. I used a stick to write in the sand, saying,
"Milly + Eli = ♥" Eli smiled, in pecked me on the cheek. I was happy,
but I needed to tell Jill something. "Jill." I approached her
slowly with Eli. "Yes?" Jill questioned. "Eli,-" Eli interrupted me.
"I don't have cancer anymore," Eli grinned with his half smile. Jill
hugged both of us. It was getting dark out, when we finally left.
"Today was an amazing day." Eli told me. Eli slowly kissed me goodbye.
"See you tomorrow." I said. "Goodbye," he smiled.

© 2012 MaddyHi

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