A Poem by maddy

culture - livefolk - real // a society looked at through the eyes of a daughter of God


if you could have all of the followers in the world, how many would you be leading?
there are compliments given and the likes are being tapped but how many are you actually receiving or believing?

somehow the lens has been rotated, we are only seeing a piece in front of us but how did this broken bracket turn into the epitome?
how did our problems become a screaming cry of being rescued, not being able to see the light in the darkness.
but still, there are eyes blinded.
how did this become a soliloquy of being sheltered and comforted by what kills us?
the problems are all over the media. they are being plastered among the web as the ones suffering, are screaming out.
where is the unity we all once had?
the unity face to face, not screen to screen.
how did we come to a time where we look to a materialistic reality?
the typical day to day association has become a nightmare of domination of what we bought, selling us.
i'm a soul born into a generation of people who think corruption is the only disruption in this society.
we are just dust here to pass, here to fade away,
but for some reason we let reckless thoughts cause us to stray.
how the time has flown -
flown into a timeless endless universe, never to be found again.
this is society, this is us, this is we.
there is good, there is evil.
im no humanist but i don't think it takes a realist to see that.
how in this generation do we continue to search for a higher concentration of power or pleasure but still feel degrading unsatisfactory?
we look to the left and the right but fail to find the light because of the offhand experience of not experiencing the experience.
the love of God.
what would a society of laid down lovers look like?
we continue to drown in pressuring boredom. we keep trying to grasp onto the idea of pleasure but end up in the disappointing revolving door of life.
we wonder "where is this utopia?"

but my friends, are you missing the huge painted picture? it's displayed across all of creation for thousands of generations.
it's a God whom has loved you so to lay down his life for you! and all he asks is for you to do the same everyday.
be drawn to his eyes of fire,
be drawn to his arms of mercy.
embrace the true satisfaction you've been longing for.
we cannot do this on our own, what a foolish thought.
to receive power, and grate it until a portion is left and only we are deserted.
if you look to the one, accept this acceptance of trust and love. it's a responsibility.
allow him to form your heart, cherish the malleability.
but what a joy, to risk it all for love.
i am only one. i am only one out of millions, but this is my cry.
to see a generation of laid down lovers for a God who gave it all.
this is our society, this is us - this is we - the world may think it's wild abnormality, but what a world, what a society.

© 2017 maddy

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I am agnostic. However, you have written a lovely poem that pulls out emotion. That is what I look for when I read poetry, emotion. Great Job!

Posted 5 Years Ago

God this is gorgeous absolutely beautiful a lovely write indeed so full of anger and the will for others to open their eyes, uggghhhh I love this poem 200/10 beautiful darling :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on March 17, 2017
Last Updated on March 17, 2017
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Wernersville, PA

hey, i'm maddy! i am a 16 y/o from pennsylvania and i am deeply passionate about writing. i really enjoy writing spoken words and poetry with hidden meanings. check out my stuff!! (: more..

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A Poem by maddy

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A Poem by maddy