Black Fist

Black Fist

A Poem by Reflection

The voice...................

I'm like Malcolm peekin' 
out the window strapped
ready to clap

Dr. King preachin' 
nonviolence stayin' proud 
to exist Black.

I’m like Huey P.
fist in the air screamin'
“Black Power” 'til I'm free

we'll now X them out, 
no longer will our Black 
faces swing from every tree.

“By any means necessary”
our built up anger will
bring the pain,

comin' like a hurricane,
an earthquake, a tornado, 
blood in torrential rain.

I’m like two cops on the block
killin' mercilessly
non stop

an inch away no time 
to play, shots to the
dome from a dirty Glock.

No misdemeanors only felonies
my crime is bein' ebony, already 
doin' life so there’s no..... more..... fail in me.

So what you tellin' me?
We will martyr 'til you decide 
your hate will cease and desist

growin' strong
bringin' our People along; a 
permanent scowl........ And a raised Black Fist.

© 2016 Reflection

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Added on August 9, 2016
Last Updated on August 9, 2016
Tags: Race, Nolove, Homicide, Genocide, Divided, Nounity



Aurora, CO

A writer with vision I ink without indecision. Vivid notions with rhythmic emotions I engage with the stroke of a pen... life is a continuous road so let the journey begin. I exist through my wr.. more..

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A Poem by Reflection