Why Me?

Why Me?

A Poem by And She Sings

The lady wanted a poem, and therefore WILL get her poem!!

I watch as everyone
walks away and I think,
"Why me?"

I stare as the blood
leaves my arm and I ask,
"Why me?"

I feel so alone
that I pray and pray,
"Why me?"

I have fell into a hole,
swallowed by darkness,
"Why me?"

I see a warm hand, reaching,
only reaching for me,
"Why me?"

I grasp it and pull myself
to stand by the beauty who chose,
"Why me?"

I sit idly and dazedly by
as my heart beats out of my chest,
"Why me?"

I smile softly as her lips
find my own,
and I couldn't question something
that feels so right.

© 2013 And She Sings

Author's Note

And She Sings
I just thought of this because I have a bad habit of questioning everything, good or bad. Typed it up on my phone, so blame any errors on that! Reviews are greatly appreciated!!!

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Added on January 28, 2013
Last Updated on March 3, 2013
Tags: love, why, cute, sad


And She Sings
And She Sings


I am a sophmore and high school sucks, so I'm just going to release all of my dirt on you, the public. I mostly write free verse. REVIEW EVERYTHING! EVEN IF YOU HATE IT. LET ME KNOW! more..

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