A Frayed String is a Thing

A Frayed String is a Thing

A Poem by magic wall tree

A frayed string is a thing*

-Doug Falk



Taught bright string

You favor a vertical position, but as

You turn to the sides, I notice frayed edges

And it appears that no one is immune

To entropy.



A hero bound for glory extol’d

He sets off from home, abroad.

Blue he is, and off he strides,

With shield, a sword, and head held high.

First foe, a dwarf, a dance he makes

A circle, a square, and other shapes.

Dwarf takes an arm, and then retreat,

For he is immune to all defeat.

Next foe, scarecrow, without a soul,

No danger, him, no duel. Extol

A hero, one should not,

Because on ankle, he did trot

And lost his foot, our hero did,

Scarecrow stared and stared at him.

Without a foot, he hopped away,

But yet one more adversary, blocked his way.

The giraffe, nineteen metres in height,

And roared in anger, as was his right.

Our hero’s courage, not yet to fail,

He raises sword and slices tail.

The giraffe, again he roars,

And sweat begins to ooze from his pores,

He treads on Blue, and like a thread,

His essence, spills from out his head.



Minute thread comes




                     minute                       are                       its fibers,

        That is                              all we see!





World.                               Chaos and caprice reign.

Change                is                                 inherent.

Beyond the                                    thread are

Other strings                   of stars                            who make







is lost near


Profound                              rivals. They challenge

Our           basic                       nature.



There once was a string, who was frayed,

And a man, who wondered what it made,

He sat and pondered

And a full day he squandered,

Now really, he should focus on a trade.



* Not a person or place. Consider revising.

© 2011 magic wall tree

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Added on October 17, 2011
Last Updated on October 17, 2011


magic wall tree
magic wall tree

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