This One Is Personal (Stovetop)

This One Is Personal (Stovetop)

A Poem by Rae

We burnt each other on the hand 
with our cigarettes and
you left a mark directly below my thumb,
the wound holding boundless life,
toxins and flesh,
visible vitality
in the way that it rested,
a continuous sort of ache,
similar to what you
were starting to become.

You burnt my hand in desperation, 
and it stayed for a while,
but skin tones always shift 
and you started shifting. 

You yell at me:
the tone gets lighter,
the wound more healed.

You get too drunk:
the skin tone shifts.

You leave me:
my heart hurts so roughly
that I cannot feel my hand.

You lead me on:
I am more faded than
my heart.

You lie to me:
my worth seeks disintegration
and my body is cold,
the wound more healed.

I don't blame you for any of this
and I never will.
Your wound healed too,
don't you remember?

I remember

love left on a burning stove
and like toxicity
we burst into 
ashes and 
dust and
thrown rings and
promises and
I cannot see the scar on my 
hand anymore
because I stopped needing the
pain or a placard of
the feeling of pain
to remind me that 
my name means love

and maybe that is a good thing.

© 2016 Rae

Author's Note

If you ever stumble upon this, know that I regret nothing and have nothing but love for you. It was written out of a certain mental place and all I can do is try to capture those moments in writing, regardless of how I rationally feel.

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Interesting read. Those moments that you capture from the certain mental place, is where I think a lot of writers get their poems or stories. It's good that you have decided to capture those moments. Not everyone will do that.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on December 5, 2016
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Seattle, WA

18 years old. NYU student and tea enthusiast. Writing means the world to me; feel free to give reviews and help me greater improve. Writing has always been my escape, especially poetry. Life experie.. more..

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