Chapter Two -Midnight Dreary-

Chapter Two -Midnight Dreary-

A Chapter by makaylarayne10

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary.
-Edgar Allan Poe

Chapter One

-Midnight Dreary-
The first thing that surprised me was the age. Both boys were teenagers--at least one or two years older than me making them seventeen or eighteen.
    The boy closest to the entrance had golden blond hair that curled slightly, deep oceanic blue eyes, golden skin, and a smirk on his face.
     "Come in, come in!" Master insisted, moving aside for them to enter. "It's getting chilly...better not catch a cold!"
     I raised my eyebrows. Well this guy was obviously the Hunter since a vampire, being dead, couldn't catch a cold. Heh.
     Then I saw the other boy fully...the vampire. His hair was black also curled towards the ends. His eyes were ice blue under his sunglasses but I knew they'd turn red if he were to feed. His skin was snowy white, just a little paler than my own but that was expected from a vampire. He was frowning--not in the sad or displeased way but the natural way like how I frowned naturally. He wore a black sweater that clung to his muscles and was clutching a few suitcases. "Where can I put this?" he asked, taking off his sunglasses and holding up a white Styrofoam box with that weird medical hazard sign. It meant there was blood in the mini-freezer.
     "You didn't need to bring your own blood Kaine. We have plenty here," Master said. "But if you must, there's a freezer with the rest of your blood in it. The kitchen's in there, take the door beside the fridge and it's against the wall close to the door."
     "Thanks." The boy--Kaine--looked at us then paused to stand by the other boy. "Hm. So these are our homies?"
     The blond Hunter boy smirked. "I guess so."
     "Aren't they animal spirits?" Kaine asked Master.
     I was insulted; what he couldn't ask us himself? Rude.
     "Yes, yes. I should introduce you. Salem, Iris, this is Kaine and Jestic. Jestic, Kaine, these are my adoptive daughters Salem and Iris."
     So the blond boy's name was Jestic. How befitting.
     "Which is which?" Jestic laughed. "Yo. My name's Jestic. I'm a Hunter."
     I grinned real wide, then let my canines elongate like a wolf's just the slightest to intimidate him. "Hello Jestic. My name's Salem. I'm a wolf spirit."
     "Yes," Iris put in shyly. "My name's Iris. Er...I'm a fox spirit."
     "And my name's Kaine!" Kaine put in mock enthusiastic. "And I'm a vampire! And Salem quit baring your fangs at me. I can do that too." He smiled threateningly.
     I scowled. "They're canines, not fangs! And I could put you flat on your back vampire."
     "Ooh, scary," Kaine laughed. I wanted to slap him.
     "Salem," Master snapped. "Where are your manners? Excuse my daughter she's prejudice."
     "Not at all," Jestic said brightly. "Now where's my room? I'd like to unpack, make myself at home."
     "I'll just go put this in the freezer..." Kaine said, taking his blood container to the freezer in the garage.
     Iris stood awkwardly looking at the ground. I half-smiled and pushed a strand of her red brown hair behind her ear. "Cheer up kid your life's gonna turn upside down into a smile of sunshine."
     Master smiled a little too.
     Jestic's eyebrows shot up. "Well...who's gonna show me my room?"
     "Salem will. Salem," Master said, "show Jestic his room."
     "Whatever. Follow me." I led him down the hall, then stopped in front of his door. "There you go."
     "And where would your room be? I'm simply curious," Jestic said defensively before I could say anything.
     "If you really honestly deeply truly must know it's this one," I reached over to tap my door. "And no you can't climb into my bed if you have a nightmare."
     "Touchy. And I thought I was sarcastic. But you really push the limit you know that? But I'll be the descent one. If you have a nightmare you're absolutely welcome to climb into bed with me." Jestic gave me a real big smile.
     I smiled with him. "Aren't we just going to be like peas and carrots?"
     "Wouldn't have it any other way." And with that, Jestic went to unpack.

© 2010 makaylarayne10

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Added on November 7, 2010
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Hey, I'm Makayla. I love to write stories and have been reading novels since the first grade, starting with Harry Potter. I love the Twilight series, Harry Potter series, Mortal Intrument series and P.. more..