A Poem by M. A. Kilcorse

Love the machine, embrace the machine, and be devoured by the machine.


<object width="500" height="300">

<param name="Love For the Machine" value=" resist its wires?version=3it holds you =2&loves you =0-feel it tap your mind =1&_disables you =0&forgotten=0&humanity=0&fs=1&loop=0&rel=0&-showinfo=0&-showsearch=0"></param>

<param name="Can’t Escape!" value="always"></param>

<param name="Are we trapped?" value="true"></param>

<embed src="http://www.can_never_be_free.from/the/machine?version=3&hush=2&we’re trapped=0&it controls =1&disables =0&can they hear us? =0&Can they see us? =0&fs =1&loop=0&masters of our demise=0&constructors of our prison=0&the priest’s of our funeral=0" type="application/x-access:destroydangerousthought-flash" stuckbetweenthescript="true" allowscriptaccess="always" width="425" height="355"></embed>



delete.. delete... delete...

© 2013 M. A. Kilcorse

Author's Note

M. A. Kilcorse
It's not a mistake; it's the construct of the poem.

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Added on March 21, 2013
Last Updated on March 21, 2013
Tags: computer machine philosophy scri


M. A. Kilcorse
M. A. Kilcorse

Toledo, OH

I use writing not just as an escape, but as a construct. To see non-physical ideas take life in the form of places and people is the magic and mystery of creative writing. more..