Short stories for Children with morals using daily problems faced by them

Short stories for Children with morals using daily problems faced by them

A Story by Mallika Satya

These are short stories which can be easily read by them and each one can relate to it.

Short moral stories for children.

How to solve a small problem:

A mother of a 5-year-old girl Amy is preparing lunch.

Mom: Hi, sweetie. How was school?

Amy: School was good.

Mom: Why the glum face?

Amy: Mom, today I had a fight with my friend Nick.

Mom: What was it about?

Amy: He took my pencil without asking me and accidentally broke it.

Mom: That is no reason to fight.

Amy: But mom it wasn’t really good of him. He took it without asking. What would you do if you were in my place?

Mom: (thinking deeply) I won’t tell you the solution but I will tell you a story and then you decide and tell me the solution to this problem.

Amy: That’s good. Yay, story time it is.

Mom: Once upon a time, there was a mouse who always played with a cat’s toys. The cat loved his toys but he would throw it all around the house and not pick it up after him. So it was a playground out there for the mouse who used to play with the toys as he pleased and one day he was playing with a yo-yo and dragging it around when accidentally the thread which was attached to the yo-yo got separated from it and toy was broken. The cat which was returning back to the room saw what happened and started shouting at the mouse for doing this. He said so many harsh things which made the mouse cry and run away and they were never friends again.

So, the question is if you want to be friends or not?

Amy: I don’t want enemies.

Mom: Then don’t be like the cat in the story.

Amy: Ok then mom. I won’t.

Mom: Be the one who doesn’t lose temper and yells.

How to solve the problem of ownership:

So let’s see how Deborah the mother of Mary and Tom solve this problem with a story.

The mother of Mary and Tom was talking to her friend Anne when all of a sudden the kids came into the room fighting and yelling that this is mine and so you can’t take my things and so on.

The mother Deborah was quite wild with anger and embarrassed and wanted to teach her kids how to get rid of this situation at once.

Deborah: What is your problem?

Mary and Tom both speak at the same time saying this thing is mine and he is touching it and she is going into my room, etc.

Deborah thinks for a while and comes to the conclusion to tell the following story.

Deborah: Mary and Tom come here. I want to tell you a short story and then you decide if you want to quarrel or not.

Mary and Tom: Wow. A story. We are in for that.

Deborah: There were 2 cats who were brothers. They were walking when they came across a slice of bread. The first cat said that since he had seen it first the bread belongs to him. The second cat said that he had seen it first and so the bread belongs to him. So they started having an argument. A monkey was closely watching all this. He intervened and said that he would solve the problem. So the cats agreed and he said that he will cut the bread in half and give one piece to each cat. That was fair and so they agreed but the monkey was clever and had other intentions. He cut one piece bigger than the other. While giving the bigger piece to the first cat he said that since it is big he has to make the pieces equal and so he takes bite out of that piece. Again he looks at the pieces and they were not equal. So he takes a bite to try to make them equal and in the process eats up the whole bread and runs away.

That is when the cats realize that if they had not started fighting they would have their slice of bread to eat but now the monkey has eaten the whole bread and they are left with nothing. So thus they learn their lesson.

From then on they stopped arguing and fighting and started thinking for a solution when they encountered one.

So what did you learn, kids?

Mary and Tom: Everything is ours and we won’t fight like the cats and think and solve our problems peacefully.

Deborah: Great. Whose room is this?

Mary and Tom (in one voice): Ours.

How to solve the problem of time management:

Mary is a kindergartener studying at Precious Gems Elementary School.

She returns home by bus daily and her mother picks her up from there.

Today, as usual, she gets down from the bus at the bus stop. Her mom, Anna, comes near the bus to pick her up.

Mary runs into her mom’s arms and hugs her tightly. She is overjoyed to see her as usual.

Mary: Did you miss me, mom.

Anna: Sure, I did. So, Mary, how was school?

Mary: School was good but I have a lot of homework. I have Kumon homework, too. You know I am slow at writing. So it will take me a long time to complete all my work.

Anna: Can I help you?

Mary: Yes, mom. I want to complete all my work but I don’t think I have enough time.

Anna: Look, Mary. I would like to tell you a story to help you solve this problem.

Mary: Wow! Story time.

Anne: Once there was a young boy called Tim. He had a lot of work to do but he was very lazy. He would play a lot and then find no time to study. One day he had a test and he got an F all because he did not study the day before and was playing the whole day. He was very ashamed. That day he learnt the lesson that he has to plan his day and not waste time unnecessarily and then regret it. He understood that if he had studied the day before the test instead of playing the whole day the result he received would have been different.

He learnt it the hard way that time is precious and so we should use it wisely and if you make good use of time then rewards are certain.

So study at the time of studying and play during play time and do anything you do sincerely and with full cheer.

Mary: Thanks for the story, mom. Now I get it. I won't be like Tim and waste my time unnecessarily. I will complete my work and then go to play. Not before that.

Anna: That’s my good girl.

Mary: I love you, mom. And your stories, too.

Anna: Learning from good stories is the best way to learn. Good you love them. So you have got the moral that time is precious and so use it wisely.

Mary: Yes, mom. Now I will start my homework after eating lunch and complete it as soon as I can without wasting time like Tim.

How to cure racism:

One day, Tim’s mother Betty receives a call from the school nurse saying Tim has been injured and by the time she arrives at school nurse’s office Tim has been bandaged by the school nurse and ready to be sent home.

Betty is worried and asks Tim what the matter is and how did he get hurt. Tim is quiet and does not reveal the reason for his injury. He just says that he fell down and hurt himself. So Betty accepts the reply and reaches home and tells Tim to take rest.

School gets over and Tim’s friend Amy calls Betty to tell her the reason for Tim’s injury. She says that Tim had called his friend Adrian a terrorist for the sole reason that he was dark skinned. There was a fight and Tim had fallen down trying to hurt Adrian and injured himself.

Betty got the idea that the reason for the fight was racism which is prevalent in kids and that she has to somehow teach him to respect all his friends and not hate someone just because of the color of his/her skin.

She goes to Tim and tells him that Amy had called and she knows the reason for the fight.

She tells him that she does not like it and she will tell a story and then let him decide whether he is right or not.

The story begins with a white man Brady who is sick with the coronavirus. He is a very staunch believer that color counts and so all dark-skinned people are inferior to him. So when he comes to know that his doctor is a dark-skinned man Adrian he says that he wants a white man to treat him. But since there is a scarcity of doctors there is only one option to get cured by doctor Adrian or die. So when he gets cured by the extreme hard work of the doctor and his determination Brady gets ashamed of his behavior and apologizes to Adrian. Adrian replies that he does not differentiate on the color of the patient and each and every patient is one who needs help and so he has to heal them with the same love and affection.

He added that people respect and adore both Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King alike for their wonderful teachings.

Now Betty adds that because his forefathers had oppressed and suppressed dark-skinned people it does not mean that he too has to carry forward the same mistakes made by them. Thus she makes Tim understand racism is not necessary and what you need most is to love every being irrespective of their color.

Tim says to his mom that he had got the lesson and so he will apologize to Adrian the next day and be friends with everyone irrespective of their color.

Betty is filled with appreciation for Tim and when he goes to school the next day he apologizes to Adrian and makes friends with everyone. By his change in his behavior he becomes quite popular at school.

How to solve the problem of kids talking back to elders:

A mother Emily is talking to her friend Amelia on the phone when her daughter Serena enters the room. Serena is in a bad mood and stomps her feet on the floor to get the attention of her mother. Hearing this interruption Emily turns to look at Serena. She puts her friend on hold and asks Serena the reason for the glum face. She says that her Dad, James, had told her to stop playing her game and study and that she was irritated by it. Emily says bye to her friend Ameila and just then James enters the room. He tells Emily what happened. He tells her that Serena was playing her game when she should have been studying and so he got wild and shouted at her. She shouted right back at him saying that he always tells her to study and things which she will regret later.

Emily decided at that moment that this behavior of Serena has to be stopped immediately or it will go on and land her in trouble.

So Emily gestured her to go to her room and think about what she said and told her “I will come back later and we will discuss this issue.”

Serena went to her room angrily.

After a while, Emily went to Serena’s room and explained to her that what she had done then was wrong by telling her the following story:

There was a boy called Jamie. He was very rude. Whenever his father used to ask him to do something he would talk bacik to him saying, “I won’t do it. What will you do?” and so on and on.

He grew up with the same attitude and talked back to his friends, his teachers, his elders, etc.

One day he was driving when a policeman stopped him fro speeding. Because of his attitude, which had become his nature now, he started to argue with the cop and got arrested.

Emily stopped her story right there and asked serena what she has learnt from the story.

By now Serena had got the point and asked her mom to forgive her and that she will not continue her wrong behavior. She then went to meet her fater to ask for his forgiveness.

Emily added that once words come out of the mouth it cannot be taken back and so it is better to solve the problem instead of talking back to the elders.

That day Serena learnt the most valuable lesson that elders are to be respected for their age and wisdom and talking back to parents is never a solution.

How to solve the problem of sibling rivalry:

A mother named Andrea has 2 children. The elder one, the boy, is called Samuel and the younger one, the daughter is called Isabel.

All the three are in the department store. They want to take the huge cart which resembles a car. They start fighting about who will sit in the driver’s seat of the toy car. They start pushing each other to sit in the driver’s seat. Andrea feels embarrassed seeing them fight but can’t do anything at that moment in the store. After some time they resolve their fight by playing rock, paper, scissors and whoever wins gets to drive the trolley first. So it ends amicably and they complete their grocery trip peacefully.

All return home and Andrea wants to teach them the importance of unity By the following story.

There was a forest in which four cows lived. One day a lion saw them and came to eat them but they were four the lion had to run away as they all came charging at him.

The next day, he went to the first cow and said to him that the other cows speak rubbish behind your back and made the cow angry and without asking the other cows what the truth of the matter was the first cow moved away from the other cows.

The lion continued this trick with the other cows as well and they all went in different directions.

The lion which was sure that this would happen began to hunt each cow each day and thus in four days all the cows were hunted.

So from this story one learns that unity is strength and so since you are siblings you should be united.

The children got the point and they stopped fighting with each other.

But as far as the problem of fighting in front of others was concerned it did not get resolved by this story.

So Andrea continues. The behavior of the children determines how they have been raised and so she points out to them that she was embarrassed with the way they behaved at the store.

So both of them vowed never to fight in front of other people and resolve their problems by unity and sharing.

How to solve the problem of kids ignoring instructions of elders:

A mother named Emily of 5-year-old Aliyah was fed up of giving instructions to her daily and her disobeying them continuously.

She would tell her to put her toys in the bin but she would play with them and throw it wherever she pleases and not pick after her. This type of behavior was tiring Emily out.

She wants to put an end to this forever. So she makes Aliyah sit on the bed one night and tells her the following story.

The story is about a girl called Elizabeth. She has a friend called Timothy. Elizabeth has a bad habit of not picking her toys after she plays with them. One day Timothy is playing outside her house when he sees a rabbit and excitedly runs to call Elizabeth to come and see it too. But accidentally he steps on one of Elizabeth’s toy car and slips and falls and hurts his head. Luckily for them it was not a major injury and after some time he feels fine and starts playing as usual. But Elizabeth learns a valuable lesson that day that her toys if lying everywhere in the house is an accident about to happen. Also, the injury could have been a major disaster.

So she promises her mom that she will not commit this mistake again and since then she plays and put her toys in the toy bin before leaving the room.

Her mom praises her a lot and tells her that habits once formed can last you a life time and it holds good for bad habits too. It takes a lot of patience and time to break out of a bad habit.

How to solve the problem of maintaining discipline:

There was once a father named Julius. He was very particular about following rules at home like sitting quietly at the dinner table, saying prayers, not talking while eating, etc. He wanted his kids to learn this discipline early in life so they can become disciplined early in life.

The kids never understood what Julius was trying to teach.

So one day he calls his children Tom and Evelyn to sit next to him and tells the following story:

He tells them the story of a soldier and his training lessons. He begins by saying that a soldier while he is in training is supposed to follow rules to the dot in the sense that if he is commanded to sit he is supposed to sit and if he is commanded to stand he has to stand. This is of utmost importance in war since if he is told to duck he has to do it involuntarily without wasting a second or else get killed.

In this way, he explains to them the importance of discipline in everyday life.

So the next day when he calls his children to eat they follow his instructions and don’t fight or talk unnecessarily at the dinner table. He feels proud of his disciplined children and praises them from his heart.


How to solve the problem of children being impolite:

Little Isabel was in the library with her mom Emily when she saw 2 kids being loud and not obeying the rules of the library. They were calling each other from one side of the room to the other and running from one corner to the other.

Their mom had just left them to go to the restroom. The librarian was telling them to keep quiet but the little one starts wailing. The mother returns and sees them making a racket. She is quite embarrassed and leaves the library quickly.

Isabel and Emily return home and after they place all the library books in the bookshelf Emily thanks Isabel for being such a darling in the library. Isabel says that her teacher had taken her to the school library and explained to her that library is a place of learning and so one has to be mindful of others reading there.

And from that day Isabel always follows the rules of the library.

But one day she brings a book home and when she opens it she finds that someone had torn a page. It looked as if someone had ripped the page in anger.

She takes the book to the library and tells them the truth that it was not her fault and that the page was already torn when she took it home. The librarian thanks her for her honesty and after that gives Isabel a drawing page to color.

Thus since that day she has been a regular at the library and has learnt a lot through books and the library remains an important part of her life.


© 2020 Mallika Satya

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