Falling for the Badboy

Falling for the Badboy

A Story by Alisha Heistand

Just something I wrote for a creative project...It had to do with abusive relationships


Arianna Marie was the vision of success; 18, bound for Harvard and a straight A student, with her looks, her brains, and her bubbly personality she was as perfect as could be. Meet Adrian Cole, 18, the bad boy of the entire school, irresistibly gorgeous and thrillingly dangerous, he was what all the girls wished for. That is, except for Arianna. She thought Adrian was completely repulsive, and not to mention a major jerk. Sometimes, when Arianna thought about it, she almost wished he was tame, instead of a wild bad boy. Little did she know that this thought would turn into a task that would be too much to undertake, and that regret awaited her with open arms.

It was March, middle of the semester. Arianna was called to the office, learning they wanted to get her schedule changed because she needed an extra math class to boost her toward her dream for Harvard. She complied and got the signatures from the office, the teacher she was leaving and the one she would be going to. On her way to get the final signature, she was looking down at the paper, admiring the way the schedule was potentially going to look, when she bumped into a hard chest. Startled, she looked up and looked into the most electric blue eyes she’d ever seen; eyes that could only belong to Adrian Cole. She had barely noticed a hand on her arm to steady her until he pulled it away.

“Don’t you ever watch where you walk?” He asked harshly

“And don’t you belong in class?” Arianna retorted

“Oh, sorry Mom, I didn’t know you were here.” He shot back

“Whatever. Just move out of the way, Adrian.” She said

“Like I’d do anything for you, I-“He was cut off as the sound of heels were beginning to approach the two, who were still locking gazes. Arianna recovered first, covering Adrian’s mouth with her hand and pulling him into the cafeteria. She peeked as the heels click-clacked away to see it was the principal on a hallway check.

“Now do you see why you should’ve moved?” Arianna said, turning back to Adrian

“Yeah,” he breathed “that could’ve been my 7th Saturday school. Uh…thanks, I guess.” He said. He was never good with other people, mostly because he’d been abandoned and shunned his entire life.

“Keeping count per week I see,” Arianna said, smirking. “Typical bad boy…” She shook her head

“I’m anything but typical. And I’m not all bad.” He said

“Oh yeah? Prove it, tough guy.” She challenged.

“Fine. Go on a date with me this Saturday.” He said

“Fine.” Arianna said, turning to walk away

“It wasn’t a question.” Adrian said, his eyes holding a glint of mischief.

            It was almost the end of April when Arianna realized how badly she wished she could’ve changed that day. The date had gone well, and she and Adrian were soon in a relationship. He would walk her to class and then wait for her to get out. He was always there. What started out as a simple sweet gesture turned into a typhoon of emotions. Arianna had been stressed out at home, with her parents pushing her to Harvard, and she had shut everyone down, Adrian included. She would skip lunch just to get away from her friends and their endless amount of questions about her and Adrian, or Harvard, or if she’d seen that movie last weekend. She was too stressed and just avoided them. Adrian caught up with her one morning while she was walking around and pulled her into the cafeteria, asking her what was wrong. She’d told him to just leave her alone, but Adrian tried explaining how much it hurt him to have her be so reserved and isolated. He was getting tired of it. Arianna had made him soft, and his friends were starting to notice. She walked off as Adrian’s patience thinned. Who did she think she was, to walk away from him like that? He was Adrian Cole and Arianna was His.

Later that day, Adrian found Arianna doing her homework after school just so she wouldn’t have to be home too fast. He sat in the back with her and told her how he was hurt and how he was beginning to think that their relationship was just a mistake. Arianna was torn, she didn’t want to lose him, but Adrian had had enough, and he ended it, walking out. Arianna packed up her belongings at lightning speed and chased after him with tears in her eyes, begging him not to go.

“Not everything has to do with you, you know.” Adrian said, still walking

“You don’t understand. You don’t know what its like, to be under this much pressure.”

“Yeah, right! Do you know how worried I’ve been about you? Can you even imagine what it’s like, seeing the one you care about just shut down?” Adrian raised his voice

“Adrian, just...be patient with me.” Arianna said softly

“I’ve had enough of patience.” He said and walked off

Arianna never forgot that day. The school year ended without any contact from Adrian, and Arianna had enough. She turned to an old habit of hers, a way to relieve stress: self-harm. She kept it as her secret, and over the summer she stayed inside the house, barely speaking or eating, trying to sleep when she knew nightmares wouldn’t wake her. It was a summer she wanted to permanently forget, to erase from her memory. But the scars were there. Around May of the following year, after months of counseling and lots of determination, Arianna was as close to being herself as she’d ever be. She knew now to stay away from bad boys, really just boys in general, and she had gotten her acceptance letter to Harvard. She is still doing well to this day.

© 2014 Alisha Heistand

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Alisha Heistand
Alisha Heistand


I'm kinda like the quiet one nobody talks to except for once in a while...I guess. Or at least, I used to be So far in my 19 years of life, I've had 5 near-death experiences. I've made many frie.. more..

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