Shopping lines

Shopping lines

A Story by The MD

Anecdotes from various shopping experiences: the following is a dated record of conversations overheard while shopping. Instructions: These should be read as discourse (... = pause)

Sunday February 20, 2011 @ Starbucks
"Couches - Conversation - Two old people
You know, Joyce, it's better to have high blood pressure than no blood pressure at all.

Thursday February 17, 2011 @ Walmart 
*Entrance - Screaming - Tiny old man
"Hoorah...I told you so...Hoorah...(runs out of the front door) Hoorah!!!! I told you so! (unintelligible exclamations) (security walks over) You Sir! You Stop!"

*Greeting Cards Aisle - Over the phone conversation  - Woman in her 60s
"Yeah, Karen, I just got off the phone with Carrie, you know, Carrie, right?...Yeah...Her mother just died...Yeah...Yeah...Yeah...she passed away yesterday. She had ovarian cancer...Yeah, ovarian cancer...(sigh)...I know! And we were hoping this year to be a good one..."

*Magazines Row - Over the phone - Woman in her late 30s
"What? What?? Are you serious??? ... You know what? You are the weakest link, goodbye! (hangs up) (redials) (disconnected) Can you believe this? No reception. (turns around for approval) Yeah, at Walmart, no reception! Ridiculous!

*Cashier's line - Two large women, mother and daughter
"I'm starving! God, I am so hungry! I'm going to McDonald's later, do you want McDonald's? (mother nods) Yeah, gosh, I haven't had anything to eat since french fries this morning."

© 2011 The MD

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Added on February 17, 2011
Last Updated on February 21, 2011


The MD
The MD

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