you'd better vote

you'd better vote

A Poem by manchilld99

you can wear your cap twisted sideways
sag your pants down to your knees
ride a pachyderm or a mule that brays
be whatever kind of fool you please


 sing love songs in the rose garden
 or complain how the dollar done fell
 knowing qadafi, hussein, and bin laden
 have all been dispatched to hell


you can rant and rave about raw deals
you can raise your snout and sashay about
or he-haw and buck, kick up your heels
or vote for more hope or to kick da bum out


you can lean to the left or to the right
weighing the pros and cons and hype
but you can't stay out of this fight
and claim you're just not the type


to freely elect their governments and laws
evers, walesa, mandela, and susan b
lived and died for just such a cause
to see the people's voices set free


but if you just call it mumbo jumbo
and aloofly let this moment pass
we all may be led by Dumbo
or maybe that other Jackass


what percentage do you claim?
forty-seven, one, or ninety-nine?
tea party? occupier? some other name?
are you just spouting a party line?


all our blood runs red
'bove us all the sky is blue
and no matter what is said
there's one thing we all should do


hadn't you better cast a vote?
against the ones who vote aginst you?
i think you'd really better vote ...
it's the least but the best thing you can do.



 doug curry

© 2012 manchilld99

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Added on October 24, 2012
Last Updated on November 1, 2012



rochester, NY

I write poems and stories, and have broadcast a blues show on the radio since 1982. I am from Harlem, currently live in Rochester, NY, but have been around. more..

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