Dear Amanda

Dear Amanda

A Poem by Manda

A letter I wish I had gotten when I was 12 years old

Dear Amanda,
     If you are reading this, then you probably were curious as to who would be writing to you since you never get mail. If you do, it's usually your report card. Good job on those, by the way. I am writing to you to give you a few heads up, and since I know you respond well to lists, here you go:
1. Love is not all you have to live for. Don't worry, it'll find you and f*****g beat you with a me
2. Stand up're posture will suck.
3. They will get bigger.. much bigger
4. Play with Aaron because you're gonna miss him/ playing with him a lot, and it's sucky.
5. Enjoy those cartoons as much as you can because once you're older, they put on really crappy ones
6. Learn to love your body, god d****t, you're gorgeous
7. Come out of the know why you like those movies so much and so do I. Accept your fantasies and enjoy them
8. You are going to lose people you love very much. You will also hate them for a short time for leaving you, but honey, it wasn't their fault. Accept this, and enjoy the memories
9. Don't feel so guilty all the time...eventually this will drive you insane and suck the life out of you...stop it
10. If you want/ want to do something, then go for it...any excuse you make now or then will just hold you back
11. You are going to have sex...stop giggling about it because its awesome

Now that I've covered somethings with you, I hope you can experience the next decade with a more open heard and a more open mind. Trust me, your life has a bunch of crevices of deep problems and hidden treasures, but you will need to work through those...and I'll be there to help you. So chin up, heart open, mind clear, and skin thickened, and you'll be okay.

Yours truly,

© 2012 Manda

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LOL, genius...I truly enjoyed reading this with a chuckle.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on June 2, 2012
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