key holder 7/16/2014

key holder 7/16/2014

A Poem by mandiecane321

about my husband and the last couple months. forever and always 9-5-12

The smile that was non existent for a while is a mile long and as bright as the sun. 
Who knew you were the light to my world?
so much glee, no more lies or deceit
I was so low, yet didnt realize you held the key to my happiness, paid a fee to find this
Almost away to darkness
so glad that it didnt last now i have such bliss
I was my own foe, missed the warm kisses you'd give everyday
I sat down and came to realization you are My Key, My Soul mate.
Now i lay beside you look in those blue eyes and see my light.
We have been hooked since day one, we have such fun.
I built a fence quickly scared and to protect the already damaged heart.
You tour it down, the post still remained as trials came along the boards went up slowly
after a while of brainstorming i figured out where i belong, once you embraced me in your arms and gave me the warm kiss i missed there was no doubt. 
You dared to walk in the darkness to remove the fence around the very cold and damaged heart in my chest
although i was bound inside my self, I always knew you were my soul mate and the key to my mile long smile as bright as the sun.
You brought the light back to my life when i lost grasp and it was dark.
You fought hard and knew clearly that our souls are one.
Few would have dared to step in the chilly darkness, but you knew you held my key.
That ray of sun hits me when you say you love me forever and always.
You are clever, never lost site of our love.
We had the day with our dove when we said I do, all my sadness and blue feeling faids away when you hold me .
My heart no longer cold, you held the key to it all my light, my happiness. 
I will fight to stand by you forever you are my soul mate.
We hold each others light never to be blue again we have many more endeavors to go but i know we will do our best.
Few people find there key holder i will not let go forever and always my love.
I'm glad we fought to stay one in the end and defend each others hearts to it all ends.
We will still be one at that time, we are strong and have mended for eternity.
This bond never to be broken is everlasting   

© 2014 mandiecane321

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This is a really beautiful poem, thanks for sharing :-D

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on July 16, 2014
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parkersburg, WV

Name is mandie i love to write not only poems just anything really =] i have been writting since i was young. but this is the first time i am posting them on the web give your opinion =] its currently.. more..