No Words

No Words

A Poem by Mandi

Written on 2-23-2013


Every step, every breath
You were with me.
I'd blocked You out,
Put you last and threw You aside.

That moment You took
It all away, washed over me,
Consumed me, Broke me,
I'll never be the same.

You held me in Your arms,
And promised to never let me go,
Even when I would fall,
You'd be there to pick me up.

Even when I'd sink,
Beneath the ground
Into darkness, You'd pull me out
And surround me with love.

You've set before me a journey
To push through it all,
The pain, blows from attack
I can't do it alone.

When I feel like dying,
All hope is lost,
Fear escapes me because I know
"You're not Alone" You say.

"Take heart, My Beloved,
Revival is coming,
You're still in my arms
I will show you the Way."

I face the raging sea
Fall to my knees and surrender.
Beyond comprehension, in awe
You are never out of my reach.

Broken yet undefeated
For You are on my side.
You break the chains
That hold me down.

I was suffocating in lust,
Myself weighing down
Everything I had;
All that I was.

Now all that I am is Yours.
You've fought my battles,
Empowering me to do the same,
You're so protective of me.

I will cry for help
When in danger and afraid
Because I know that You,
My God, will come to my rescue.

You've shown me my Identity
You're teaching me how to
Fellowship with You,
You have filled me with Joy.

A joy I never thought I'd experience.
I'm drinking Your spirit,
Overtaken by Your love and presence,
I can't stand.

I didn't think it was possible
To desire something so much.
I would die to have a
Bit of You to experience.

I'd leave everything I have
To be with You forever,
God I plead for a glimpse
Of Your glory.

For Your glory is everything.
You are my everything,
Pierce me with You Presence,
Fill me with You.

I want to be like You,
To be with You, Father.
Oh, I cannot wait for You.
God, I need You now.

Work in me, through me.
Let me hear Your voice,
See Your light.
I long for You.

I've never wanted anything so badly
Than to glorify You
And be with You.
No words, God, No words.

© 2013 Mandi

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This was beautifully written. As I read it, it brought back all those same feelings that I have felt before; longing, reaching out and hoping to move even the smallest bit closer to God. Wonderfully done, dear!

Posted 5 Years Ago

The overpowering adoration of another can be a curse or a blessing in life. The longing expressed is powerful. Well written. Lydi**

Posted 6 Years Ago

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