Raging Storms

Raging Storms

A Story by Mandi

Part of my testimony


My walk through life is a journey full of one storm after another commenced to destroy my very being. All of my hope lies open and vulnerable to swaying.

Thunder erupts and quakes beneath me. In the same moment the ground rushes up to my fearful eyes as I am thrust downward...my face is impacted by the hard surface breaking the momentum of my fall. I am unable to move as I lay there crumpled, confused, wary, lost. I wait in silence for the will to get back up, or to move at all.

It never comes. Time ceases to exist  when silence and darkness become my companions. My ears are lonely, filled with the occasional labored breath escaping my lips.

A flash interrupts the despairing, seemingly endless downfall, causing a new sound to enter my ears. A steady drip, drip, drip travels through my ears and envelops my brain with a nagging sensation refusing to subside. I slowly move my hands up to the sides of my head, squeezing in attempt to expel the torment in my mind. The drizzling continues as I hear rain fall on the ground around me, arriving to pound my helpless body. Cold, stinging rain seeps through my clothes and skin, drenching my spirit in utter depression. My eyes flutter open in hopes for a glimpse of my doom and I muster up all of my strength to sit up and pull my legs to my chest. My arms lie limp by my side and my head rests weakly on my knees. I have no other option than to wait for something--anything to rescue me from this storm.

Another flash. Hail. It beats down on me, deep into my scalp and penetrates my skin. I feel the warmth of blood flowing from the open wounds on my wrists but I don't care. Every emotion is numb, all strong feeling buried into the deepest parts of my being. I cannot face it, my reasoning has escaped me.

Flash. My frosty, wet hair is blown from in front of my face as a heavy, whirling wind is introduced. A scream rises up from deep within as I am pulled up into a black tornado, my bones snapping as I'm spun around. Dust fills my lungs and debris slices through my skin.

Flash. I'm falling. I look down to see the approach of dark water below. In the next moment I am consumed by the ocean. I flail and kick to keep from sinking and arrive at the surface for a breath of hot air. My throat gurgles as I try to scream for help, swimming to keep my mouth above water. Survival seeming so far away turns desperation to acceptance. Weakness no longer attempts to sustain me and my body makes it's way down to the bottom of the sea. Sinking was inevitable, I question myself on the way down why I had even tried to stay afloat.

When I finally reach the rocky end of my fall I am paralyzed, overtaken by the power of attack. I feel myself drift away, ready to leave my destroyed body.

A hand touches my shoulder. How could anyone be down here? There is no one capable of meeting me right here. The power of that one touch sends me on my way back up to the surface. As I approach I observe a beautiful, illuminating light. And by that light all of my doubt dissipates. The affliction in my mind is overcome and my heart swells. My face enters first the atmosphere atop the water. Fresh, pure air rushes into my lungs, cleansing the death that had reigned inside me. I survey the waves around me for sight of my rescuer, the one who came down in the depths of such a storm to touch and revive me. To my dismay I hear the rumbling of thunder and dark clouds appear again in the blue sky.

"No!!" I wail as I feel despair hit brought on by the approach of a new storm. Why had I grabbed on to the hope of a savior? Why had I believed there could be a person to deliver me from such a storm? The waves grow violent and toss me around, inhibiting my gasps for air; strangling me without mercy. I witness a strike of lightning make it's way down to me, when suddenly a voice booms from behind me.

"Peace, be still."

The clouds peel back revealing a clear blue sky, the thunder subsides, and the waves are calmed. My chest heaves as I try to slow my breathing.

I turn to see a man walking on the water and holding his hand out to me.

"Who are you?" I ask.

"I am Jesus. I have come to save you." The glistening in his eyes and fervor in his voice fill me with trust. I grasp his strong hand as he pulls me up out of the water to stand.

"How are you doing this?" I ask.

"Through me, all things are possible. Have faith in me and together we can walk on water."

"Jesus, I am afraid of sinking." I admit, comforted by the warmth of his hand.

"Beloved, I love you with an everlasting love. A perfect love that casts out fear." He pushes a strand of hair behind my ear and kisses my cheek. "Will you trust me and be with me forever, Mandi? I will carry you through these storms that lie ahead of you. And then some day I will take you to a better place. "

"Yes, Jesus. I don't want you to ever leave me."

© 2013 Mandi

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I can also see this being a description of a spiritual battle. Despair can feel like it is going to take us over, it is such a dark lonesome feeling. I am glad that I too found the Lord so He could help me overcome the storms of life.

Good Job

Posted 5 Years Ago

sounds like your in a spiritual battle and crying out to god
now just repent your sins and ask him to be your savior
let go of your self and he will take over

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

This is my testimony actually. The storms I have gone to are described as well as how Jesus came dow.. read more

5 Years Ago

yes I could tell I am a wise man lol been there still in the desert

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Added on December 31, 2013
Last Updated on December 31, 2013
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