Crowned (Scene Two Part One)

Crowned (Scene Two Part One)

A Screenplay by SupermarketZombies

A tale of the misfortunes of the first co-presidents in an unnamed country, the money loving corporate princess that took over after them, her teddy bear, and a boy named Jack. (Work in progress)


EXT. Skyline of a city, afternoon

A large building towers above the others. It has a large sign displaying Government Corporation. A little girl wearing a red dress suit is lying down on top of the building. She�s accompanied by a young boy dressed as a butler.

The butler walks over to the girl while clumsily balancing a tray. The tray carries a wine bottle and two glasses.

(Gazes up at the butler)
                Ah, thanks Roger.

butler, ROGER
(Pours two measures of wine and
places them by Miss Lowell)
                I brought a second glass for Paprika as you requested Miss Lowell.

A teddy bear lies beside Courtney Lowell. Courtney takes the glasses and sets one carefully beside Paprika, the bear. She lies back down and pretends that Roger has already left.

butler, ROGER
(Walking away)
                Oh, an employee has been murdered by the way.

(Shocked, still laying down)
Wait what!? Don�t you think you should have told me that sooner? What department was she in? How many kids did she have? Did she pluck her eyebrows this morning? And are there any updates on the Kingdom of Cambodia?

butler, ROGER
(Leans against the door to the inside,
and casually pulls a newspaper from his coat.)
An officer in the Department of Maritime Environmental Disasters, eleven, yes, and they�ve discovered a cure-all for every disease. The only problem with the Cambodian�s method I�m afraid, is that it involves killing the patient. Oh and Miss, the victim was a he.

(Loses interest)
                Oh ok. Not a big loss then. You may leave now Roger.

butler, ROGER
(Looks up from paper, irritated)
                Hush woman! I am trying to read.

But everyone knows that butlers are incapable of reading. Its part of your blood or something or another. CNN did an hour long report on it.

butler, ROGER
Quite true, it was quite well done. It certainly impressed the Union. We even had a private showing of the report at that Cinema on 22nd.

Enough, enough! Please leave now Roger or I will be forced to frame this murder on you.

A few pigeons fly by and crap in Courtney�s wine glass. The teddy bear takes a swig of her glass. Roger moves towards the entrance to the building, opens it but turns around to face Courtney.

butler, ROGER
The scene of the crime was in the coffee shop across the street. Bad Mojo Coffee Caf� I do believe.

Roger walks into the building and slams the door behind him.

(Stands up, no facial movements)
                Don�t worry Miss Lowell I�ll have the case solved momentarily.

Thanks but I�m honestly not that concerned about this one. The only member of the        Department of Maritime Environmental Disasters was a pompous man named John Pier. He suffered from chronic recto-cranial inversion. At least twice a day, he would remind me of how deserving he is of my position.

(Scratches head)
                I�ll have the case solved momentarily.

Paprika gulps down the rest of the wine and goes through the rooftop entrance.

© 2008 SupermarketZombies

Author's Note

I wrote Crowned for the 2008 ScriptFrenzy in April, but was unable to reach the 100 page mark by a long shot. I've continued to write on it when the mood strikes me in the pants. I haven't written (or read) a screenplay before, so professional this is not.

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Added on August 30, 2008



Anderson, SC

Opps I seem to have misplaced my brains. The off-beat and nonsensical are my forte, however, do not expect coherence or wisdom. Well maybe some wisdom, but it would take you so long to retrieve it t.. more..