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joanne looks into the mirror at her face thinking of how at times it appears the most beautiful thing on earth and other it appears the most grotesque thing ever seen. she raises the clothe to her face and gently wipes away the mascara that had pooled there from her shower. she has always refused to wash her face in the bath, insisting she must have a mirror to cleanse anything to do with her face. The lightning in her bathroom was meant to mimic the sunrise but paired with the tiles it did nothing of the sort. instead of giving the room a warm safe feeling it reminded her more of a hospital. she sighed and turned around to walk out of her bathroom, her dog watched her begging her with his eyes to release him from the kennel. she ignores him and turns to the right now facing her dresser which holds another vanity mirror. she tries to turn away from it knowing exactly what she will find in her eyes, pudgy cheeks sunken eyes and wild hair sopping wet its dark black tones clinging to her face like a lifeline. she drops her towel and pulled out her sleeping clothes donning them with haste so she will not be forced to look upon her scarred hideous self.  she casts her eyes around the dark room thinking,
"mother never understands how i see in what is pitch black to others. most peoples eyesight only catch half of what mine do mainly because they ruin it with the artificial stuff, that some newton or whatever made, so they are mostly blind to the world now."
 she shakes off her thoughts trying to clear her mind off such useless thoughts that only seemed to give her headaches,and climbed into bed momentarily imagining someone reaching out from under her bed and grabbing her ankle just as she climbs in. laughing she shook her head saying to herself,
"nonsense i would have heard them breathing."
she continues to chuckle herself into a deep dreamless slumber free of the worries of the day  "Get up.". Joanne's mother called from the door anger seeping from her eyes like an overflowing cup. Slowly she rolled out of bed forcing herself not to look at the blood on her bedsheets. 

"I said get up!!",

a dangerous hint came into her mothers voice and she scrambled to her feet, rushing to the door where her mother waited.she stood with her eyes upon the floor awaiting whatever had angered her mother to come rushing out upon her. 

"you..... didn't i tell you to do the laundry last night?!",

Joanne clenched her teeth forcing herself not to lash out at her with the knife that was tucked into her pants within easy reach, it was one of several weapons she had concealed throughout her room and in her clothes. 

"i did do it.",

she replied, it was simple and to the point saving herself the emotional attachment which would only weigh her down. 

"don't you lie to me!"

her mother screamed at her landing a blow upon her already blackened face. Joanne crumpled to the floor an attempt to cease the inevitable beating. her mother kicked her in the gut and drug her up by the ear. 

"who told you to move?!"

Joanne gritted her teeth "no more..."rang out through her head. she lifted her head and stared into her mothers eyes defiance dripping from her every movement and gaze. 

"you little......"

her mother lifted her hand and brought it down upon her neck. 


shock played across her face as she looking into Joannes eyes but it was quickly swept away by amusement,

"who are you to tell me that?"

Joanne lowered her head and reached behind her back the hilt of her knife brushing her fingers. she grasped it with all her strength and slowly withdrew it from it hiding place. 

"i said stop."

laughter rang out from her mothers mouth unbelief shadowed across her face. she leaned down and left her nose inches from her face,

"and how exactly would you make me?"

Joanne clenched her jaw and plunged the knife into her mothers stomach.

"like that"

she looked down upon the fresh corpse and laughter exploded from within her. she was free no more pain no more hurt the she would be safe, safe from the torture she had endured her entire life. joanne stared at her mother as she lay there newly ridded of her soul and she smiled she took one step and lay down beside her, the blood soaking up into her clothes still warm against her skin, and peered into the dead still eyes of her mother and said as tears spilled down her face,

"why did't you love me, i was perfect the best daughter anyone could want then you hit me the first time and i didn't really blame     you cause you were drunk then again i forgave you cause you were mad for ten years i put up with it and forgave and forgave bur you made a     monster in those ten years ........but you will love me now."

she wrapped her arms around her mothers still body and breathed in the smell of a fresh kill, of comfort. she slept without fear for the first time since she was  a little girl and silently loved the feel.

" this",

 she thought

"is perfect”

Joanne woke to the smell of death and it thrilled her innermost being she looked into the empty milky eyes of her mother and a pain shot through her chest accompanied by a happiness that swelled up inside her like a sweet embrace. her snow white nightgown was now stained with the blood of her mother and it drove her mind into a single question,

"what now?"

the door opened behind her and the air changed instantly inside the room, it was now filled with fear and relish of the coming moments. she was an only child and her father walked out on them years ago so it was no family of hers. Joanne turned over drawing the knife from her mothers belly and stood  now facing the intruder. he was a boy about her age someone she once knew but the animal within her pushed aside the memory.

"jo.....what...what happened?"

it wasn't an accusation not threatening not dangerous her mind screamed at her saying it was a trap a trick and he would hurt her.

"jo.. its me calm down put the knife down i'm not going to hurt you please put the knife down."

she had forgotten she held the knife 

"good now he knows he cannot hurt me he sees what happened to her"

she thought as she answered 

"you.....who are you?........"

the silence hung in the air like a poison dripping from every inch of her.the boy breathed and sweat built up on his brow, she watched it as it slid down his face.

"don't you remember I'm your friend ,jo, i'm luke.....i'm not going to hurt you i know what she did to you, you told me remember? i'm going to help you"

"liar you can't help me no one can even if you are who you say you are ..."

she would take no chances with this boy, luke. people lie that was one of the few useful things her mother had taught her. he took a step forward and she lifted the knife to his throat mere inches from his skin and he stopped dead cold in his tracks.they stood this way for a pause in time neither moving neither backing down. till at last he smiled and grasped her wrist that held the knife and easily took the knife away from her. 

he looked at her still smiling not out of hate or torture as her mother had so often done but out of something else an emotion she had not seen in a long long time. 

"i'm not leaving you, remember?"

the memory that took over her swept though her entire being like a bomb it was so long ago she could barely remember it but it was there shining like the sun. it was eight years ago she was eleven then and she had just met him he was small for his age, but projected a silent aura that made all respect him. she told him that day what her mother did merely because she needed to tell someone who would bear the secret with her. later they would join the same school and he stood by her until her mother forced her to take the ged and get out of school so she would be hers alone his last words were i will never leave you. that ws the last of him she saw until today she looked at him like a wide eyed deer caught in someones headlights.
"i....i.... i i'm sorry i couldn't take it any more i just couldn't"

© 2012 marie

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There are quite a few grammer mistakes, but over all, I liked the tension that was being built up throughout the story. However, some parts were too dark for me. Keep working at it!

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

thanks sorry i didn't reply in so long, i got hacked, but made a new page as identical to this one a.. read more
Maire, I apologize for the stuff that's been having on your story page, but i'm glad your story is getting so much publicity. Your story has a great start with only a few grammar mistakes. This story really has pontenial to be come a real published novel. You only need to improve a little bit here and there before you become more famous than J.K. Rowling.

Posted 10 Years Ago

this is a great story! keep writing (:

Posted 10 Years Ago

Cool story. I love how mentally unstable the girl was after the kill--just imagine what would have happened if the people who arrived right then had been cops, instead of that boy. Her mind would've been gone forever, and she would never have seen the light of day again. This boy brought her a measure of sanity, if nothing else.

[You know, whoever this "Goff" character is . . . he's obviously an inferior. It's obvious he likes to steal work and harass people, but I visited his site. His writing is so incompetent, to be honest I barely noticed him]

Posted 10 Years Ago

Erika Jones

10 Years Ago

The best thing we can do is flag him then block him :)
Kaylor Mason

10 Years Ago

Erika Jones

10 Years Ago

Lol, I posted a very lengthy flag on him. If anyone's wanting it to use, I'm glad to give it away!
This was actually a great story! I like it a lot ^_^ oh and don't worry about that goff liar

Posted 10 Years Ago

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wow really interesting story. you have a few grammer mistakes but not many.
great write:)

Posted 10 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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