the concert turned into a secert spy mission

the concert turned into a secert spy mission

A Chapter by MusicLover

The girls go to the concert. Blake is wired to get personal information out of the girls. Maria love Blake and does not expect anything she is still blinded from the charm of her boyfriend. Blakes pic


*Maddies POV*

        "SHOTGUN!!!" Maria screams in my ear as we all pile into Maria's silver Honda. What stinks is that she is 18 and she still doesn’t have her license. Her dad bought her a car for her birthday, so it is motivation, to grow up. She tosses Brooke the keys. Autumn chose the window seat, Penny is in the middle and Zack and I have the back row of seats for ourselves.

        Marias dad comes out just when we are about to leave.

        "Have fun girls, and I want you back here at 11. You girls can spend the night if you want." he says.

        We all say our goodbyes then glide out of the drive. Brooke turns the radio to Mix 105.1 and at that time it is "Moves like Jagger." Autumn reaches it over and turns up

        "Take me by the tongue and ill own yah/ kiss me till your drunk and I'll show yah/ how the move like Jagger /I've got the move like Jagger/ I've got the mooo-ooo-ove like Jagger/I don’t even try to control you/ look into my eyes and ill own you/how the move like Jagger /I've got the move like Jagger/ I've got the mooo-ooo-ove like Jagger" We all sing along. The Christina Aguilera solo comes and autumn is best fit for this part so she sings it solo

        "You wanna know/ how to make me smile/ take control of me just for the night/ and if I share my secret/ you're gonna have to keep it/ nobody else can see this/ soulterlur I'm gonna show you twice/ head to toe baby run it right/ and if I share my secret/ you're gonna have to keep it/ no else can see this/ yeah yea yeaaaaa"

        We are all flabbergasted because she sounds so good. Even better then Penny. Zack just starts cheering. I hear autumn ruffling through her purse and she pulls out her fork. She just stabs him in the thigh.

        "Shut….. up." she says with fire in her eyes.

        We are all quiet after that display. It seems to take forever to get to the concert hall.

        "Well we are finally here." Penny says right at my side.

        "Let's go." Zack whispers in my ear and I tilt my head up he kisses me, until we have to go inside.


*Dillions POV*

        I hate concerts. They are a complete waste of money. I am only here to carry out the plan. God I have never even heard of Maroon 5 because we have no radio. I rarely listen to music any way. And that is why Blake is doing all of the talking.

        We arrive about the same time as the girls. Red head is wearing a black Maroon 5 that fits her shape perfectly, showing all of her curves and from across the parking lot I can hear the clanking of the girls boots. The panda girl has the same nail design as red head, but different colors.

        We follow them, making sure to hide our faces. I am so grateful that Joey has connections. We hand them our tickets and get spots near the girls. Blake is in the front to start a conversation with the girls. There is a tape recorder I'm his hoodie pocket.

        The concert begins and he is dancing with who appears to be the "leader" of the group. She dances to "She will be loved" with Blake. At the end of the song, it looks like her is about to tell her a secret, but instead goes for her lips. Her kisses he with what appears to extreme passion.

        I start to walk toward him, all I hear is 'Call me' he blows her a kiss and he collides in with me.

        "Let's go." I say in a whisper.

        We all pile in James's truck and we drive in silence. We will discuss the tape tomorrow at my house.

        This will all work out.  I tell myself. All I have is faith to go on.

        And I like it.


© 2012 MusicLover

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Author's Note

This is a semi- short chapter. I am sorry for that but the next one will explain everything.

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I like how you make us wait. Helps keep the readers nice

Posted 8 Years Ago

I didn't get my license until I was 18. I'm 19 and still don't have a car :/ Well maybe I'll earn enough from working to buy a car this fall!
I didn't think I've heard Moves like Jagger. I haven't listened to the radio in 5 years.
This chapter wasn't bad. Short chapters are nice.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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