planning and movies

planning and movies

A Chapter by MusicLover

The guys elaborate on the plan when the girls wacth movies Autumns pic


*Blake’s POV*

        I arrive at the familiar apartment of Dilion. His address is still the same. I knock at the door expecting him to open the door but it is little sister, Samantha.

        "Hi Samantha, is your brother home?" I ask in a sweet voice, because I forgot how old she was.

        "Third door on the left, and don't talk to me like I am a baby." she says curtly.

        I walk past her and I find his room without any problems. Wow this place is smaller then I remember. I thought it was larger. I thought there were two hallways but now there is only one. Oh well it was six or seven years ago.

        "Dillion?" I said.

        "Come in." he replied. I walk in and notice everyone was already there, playing what appeared to be three way war of cards. The tape recorder was on his dresser, hidden so his sister cannot find it but so we can all see it.

        "Can you grab the recorder and then we can play 4 way war?" Joey asks.

        I reluctantly grab it and hand it to Dillion. I grab the chair from his desk and pull it over to the bed. We play 4 rounds of cards, and then we go to the reason of why I am here.

        "Ok so here is the plan again. Monday through Thursday we watch the girls and their normal plan. Do they all walk together at the same time? Do they ever walk alone? and so on. Then on Friday we follow them home to find out specific addresses. Then on Monday we follow them to school. And finally on Tuesday we throw them in the back of the truck and go." Dillion says.

        Then he picks up the recorder and we examine the conversation. Now I can actually clearly hear the responses. They all go to West Cali High.

        "So we meet here at 2:30 and we drive over and then our plan is set in motion." Dillion says and that was the cue for everyone to leave. 

        When I walk out the door my flip phone starts to vibrate. I glance at the screen-Maria- I press ignore, I can’t speak to the girl I might hurt.

        As I walk out of the door by phone begin to vibrate. I glance at the screen. Maria. I ignore the call and send it to voice mail.

        I felt heavy walking home. I know what Dillion was planning to do to the girls. And I have got to stop them.

        Even if my life was at risk.



*Maddie's POV*

“Hey Maddie!!!” a familiar high pitched voice screamed, pulling me away from sleep.

“Dude how can you be this loud and hyper in the morning?” I ask and groan at the same time. I shift my weight to see the clock on the nightstand. 6:45.

        “Maria it’s a Sunday morning after a concert. Go back to bed. It’s a SUNDAY!!!!!”

        “A free Sunday; where we don’t have to do any homework. Let’s get the food ready for our movie marathon.” She says like she is the party planner for the president. “Zack, wake up!” she adds before running down stairs.

        “I groan and slam my door closed. “Fine.” I mutter under my breath. I glance at myself in the mirror and I still have the same clothes on as last night. I first fix my hair and pull it in a messy bun so I can actually see. I have a greenish brown stain on my shirt. What is this? Then I remember that I sat next to Autumn on the way back home. I throw the shirt off me, trying not to get the dry puke on me. I drag myself to my dresser and put on my Curious George pajamas. I tiptoe into Zack’s room, which is down the hall from mine.

        He is quietly snoring when I slid under the cover with him. I kiss his shoulder.

        “Zack, time to get up.” I say sweetly and innocently.

        “No, too early.” He groans.

        I remove my special weapon and fork him in the butt.

        “Get up. If I have to deal with Maria then so do you.” I say. I make it so he has to listen to me no matter what. I bury my face into his neck and I smell him. I smell just a little bit of alcohol.

        “Did you get drunk last night?” I ask, still snuggling with him.

        “No I didn’t drink enough. I didn’t want to get pulled over or kill anyone because I was driving.” he replies.

        “GUYS WE ARE STARTING NOW!!!!!!!” the little pixie yells. Good thing Marias house is huge so we all have rooms. Also we don’t have any neighbors so no one complains when the pixie gets annoying, which is basically every day.

        “Come on love, let’s not keep them waiting.” Zack whispers in my ear. He leans over and kisses me. The next thing I see when I look down is the ground because Zack is carrying me.

        “Put a shirt on Zack. You’ll distract me from the movie.”

        “I don’t want to.” He replays being as stubborn as ever.

        “GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screams.

        “WE”RE COMING!!!” I reply.

        He puts me down a short walking distance before we enter the living room. When I walk in the room looks like a movie theater. I swear Maria can be just like Alice Cullen.

        “Where is Zack? We can’t start without him.” Maria says still running around getting the last details together.  Before Zack walks in I see how Penny is saving a seat for Maria on the brown love seat, Brooke has the blue lounge chair. So Zack and I get the beige sofa and Autumn gets the ground.

        “Here I am.” Zack says when he wraps his arms around me. Again he picks me up and carries me to the sofa.

        “AUTUMN!” I call out, looking for the sixth sextet of the group.

        “I’m in here.” She yells followed by the sound of vomiting. “Start without me. I’m going to be in here for a while.” She adds, with more barf.

        “Ah, the classic hangover.” Penny says. “So which series first?” nodding towards the table.

        “THE GRUDGE!!!” both Maria and I shout.

        “Jinx!!” Maria yells.

        Oh great, I owe a soda to the hyper pixie.

        “Okay so the Grudge it is.” Penny says walking over to insert the movie in the DVD player.


*Autumn’s POV*

        OH GOD THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *barfs for at least 3 hours.*

© 2012 MusicLover

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hehe hangover

Posted 11 Years Ago

hahaha forks are a woman's weapon. Just think, if a guy and a girl choose their weapons in a fight the man would automatically lose if the woman picks a fork. xD

Posted 11 Years Ago

If this book was a movie this time would be went I would scream "No! Don't go in there!" Sadly just like in movies the girls didn't listen to me. Don't say I didn't try to warn them.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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