Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde

A Poem by Mitch



I’m an observer of people, yet I go unseen

At first I took it as an affront, but then saw it my strength

I bear witness to those around me

I see as they scatter about their lives

Thinking about the errands they have to run

The person they have to see

The one they are trying to avoid

The person that they hate

People miss the world around them

If they would only stop to look

Through the dirt and the muck there is beauty to behold

But few stop to look

Or care

Drowning in their selfishness they pass by their brother

The man who they could feed

The woman they could console

The child they could inspire or teach

But no, life goes on only for themselves

I pity those who go on blindly

It wasn’t until I could see clearly that I truly saw

The freedom that came I cannot describe

It was almost too much for me to contend

When you cast all restraint away you have nothing to lose

You are made invincible to those in your path

Worry consumes them and holds them a captive

If only they knew they held the key

For mine is in my hand and with no one else

The master of myself is just me

I’ve seen you, you know

Don’t think you’ve escaped my notice

You are just as lowly as all the rest

Too busy living your own life

Your own time

Your own rules

Living in your own fantasy

I’ll see you soon enough and I’ll set you free

Just like all the rest

I’ll cast your cares aside in the street

Right along with the blood in your veins

It’s only when enough of you have been relieved of your cares

That the rest of you will set them down on you own

It’s a public service you see

What I’m doing in the street

It’s something I’ll be remembered for through eternity

The work I did

The freedom I gave

Courtesy of Mr. Hyde

© 2016 Mitch

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i know what this is like not caring whether i live or die and just living either i am waiting in agony for the end or i am completely free and release from all perceptions of normality morality and society as a whole unbounded from the string we all weave and share that bind us together in suffering nothing exist outside of contrast without the muck of life could we truly appreciate what we find beautiful and what is to dictate what is normal or the feelings attached to such things muck can beautiful too but it is the sentimentality towards certain feelings conditioned upon us that makes things the way they are even if innately nothing hold properties without perception a very deep i thoroughly enjoy reading your work

Posted 6 Years Ago

fascinating thoughts on the matter

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on October 5, 2016
Last Updated on October 5, 2016
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